Chapter 2282: Qin Ning is in Love (3)

Huo Mian remained silent.

Qin Chu immediately understood what she meant, he didn't know whether he should laugh or cry...

"Dr. Huo, please… Can you be more professional at this time?"

"I'm not professional enough?" Huo Mian was dissatisfied. 

"Honey, you?" Mr. Qin was being conservative.

Huo Mian nodded shyly. "Mhm, I want more kids."

She was being more conservative...

Mr. Qin smirked and carried Huo Mian princess style.

To avoid disturbing the twins, Mr. Qin brought her to a bathroom further away.

After such a tiring day, they were the only ones energetic enough to do such a thing.

Huo Mian panted and lied on Qin Chu.



"Would you cheat on me?"

"Why are you asking out of nowhere?" Qin Chu gently caressed Huo Mian's face.

"I'm just wondering if you would abandon me for a younger and more beautiful woman when I get old…"

"Do you think I am that kind of person?" Mr. Qin asked.


"Then stop overthinking… That day would never come." Qin Chu tightly held Huo Mian.

He held her at his chest, afraid that he might lose her any second.

Huo Mian remained silent and stayed by Qin Chu's side, silently enjoying this moment.

Ni Yang's wedding passed just like that.

Everybody returned to their normal lives.

Qin Ning, surprisingly, didn't want to go back to the States. Her father called multiple times, and she kept pushing it off.

Because Qin Chu's parents moved back, Zhixin and Yang Meirong moved back to Sky Blessing Court.

That gave them more freedom.

In the morning, Qin Chu and Huo Mian both went to work.

The twins began turning the house upside down.

Qin Ning put on makeup, a pair of plain jeans, and an orange wool coat. She was walking out.

"Stop right there, Auntie, where are you going dressed like that?" Little Bean stopped Qin Ning.

At the corners of her mouth were whipped cream.

"I'm going out for a walk, it's too boring hanging with the two of you all day…" Qin Ning purposefully said.

While texting, Pudding looked up and said, "Are you really? Aren't you going on a date with Uncle Tang."

"No, don't joke around like that…" Qin Ning immediately felt busted.

"Auntie, you seem radiant lately. Ever since Uncle Ni Yang's wedding, you seem different… Spill the truth, are you dating that certain someone?" Little Bean tried forcing out the truth.

"What Uncle Tang? What do you mean? Is Ning-Ning in a relationship?" Madame Qin's curiosity was piqued by her granddaughters.

"Auntie, don't worry about it. Don't listen to their blabber, it's nothing," after speaking, Qin Ning ran out.

She ran away so she didn't have to deal with the twins.

"If it's nothing, why would she be running? If it was something, she'd come back pregnant," Little Bean exclaimed.

"Don't speak about your aunt like that, Little Bean," Madame Qin felt what Little Bean said was inappropriate and stopped her from speaking.

So, Little Bean walked to Pudding and sat next to her.

"Sis, do you think we should intervene?"

"How?" Pudding didn't even look up.