Chapter 2280: Qin Ning is in Love (1)

"I've decided to stay single forever…" After speaking, Su Yu felt as if a stone had dropped from his heart and he let out a big breath of relief. 

"Single forever?" Huo Mian frowned.

"Yep. I mean exactly that… Isn't that cool?" Su Yu sounded very casual.

"Why?" Huo Mian's face dropped and her heart ran cold.

"Because I'll never find another Huo Mian…" Su Yu looked at Huo Mian and said with a serious tone.

Huo Mian felt pain in her heart as if someone sliced it. 

Su Yu smiled and changed the conversation, "I was kidding, don't worry. You're not the reason I am single. I am used to a life like this now. I feel like a life like this suits me. Being married doesn't mean I'll be happy, and being single doesn't mean I'll be sad. We all have ways of living. We're born as individuals, and we'll die as individuals… Living your life alone with a good mindset has its own kind of happiness. You're so smart, you should understand what I mean." Su Yu rarely spoke in such a serious tone.

Every time they had interactions like this, Huo Mian's heart hurt. 

"You're right, but what about your family…" Huo Mian was concerned with the Su Family's feelings.

"To be honest, Mian, I don't really care… Sometimes, people have to carry too much burden and responsibility because they overthink things. That's how they lose sight of happiness. I don't want to be like that… You can call me selfish, but I really don't want to consider too many things anymore."

"But you're an only child. You're going to end your family's lineage..." Huo Mian wanted to say more but she stopped herself.

"You're just as stubborn as my gramps… At this time and age, nobody cares. We're bound by tradition to have sons. Even if I do, will my son have sons? The bloodline will end eventually. So, don't overthink it. It has no meaning…" Su Yu waved his hand and laughed.

"I know that I have no authority to interfere with your decision, and I don't want to nag you. I just want to tell you that destiny has its own way of showing itself. You meet some people early in life, you meet some later in life. They'll come eventually, so, don't restrict yourself so early on. Maybe your other half is on her way here, and when you meet her, you won't feel the same way."

"Really? I'll be looking forward to that moment. For now, I enjoy life like this… However, I have a small request for you. You have to say yes." Su Yu was being prideful.

He never acted this way with Huo Mian. It was the first time in their friendship.

Huo Mian suddenly thought that he was cute like this.

"Okay, say it."

"If I'm alone forever, can you make me the godfather of the twins? When I am old, there'll be someone to take care of me. I don't want to be left in a care home forever, that would be tragic…"

"Haha, you're thinking too far ahead," Huo Mian laughed.

"Don't laugh, I'm being so serious…" Su Yu looked like he was wronged.