Chapter 228: Exposed

Chapter 228: Exposed
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"Yes. Not bad, eh? It's fine if that bitch doesn't want to help us, I will make sure her reputation becomes foul. Now that everything's been exposed, she will be pressured to admit her relationship with my father, so eventually, she will come back to inherit the shares."

"Don't be so foolish, what are you going to do if she takes Huo Siqian's side?"

"Oh, then it will be easy! We'll just get someone to kill her off and have the lawyer press her fingerprint on the documents before she dies. That way, the shares can be transferred to us," Huo Yanyan said nonchalantly as she reeked with the smell of alcohol.

"That's a stupid idea! You're still too young and naive. You should use your brain more!" Shen Jiani was very furious, but she didn't have the heart to slap her daughter across the face.

- Within the VIP room of the South Side Recuperation Center -

Su Yu glanced over at Weibo's trending topic and smiled to himself. The Huo family's bastard daughter? That's an interesting identity.

But this was not Huo Mian's only secret… there's more going on, Su Yu thought to himself.

While everything was happening, Huo Mian was still working the night shift.

She didn't go on Weibo to look at the news until everyone, including Lingling, Zhixin, Huang Yue, and the head nurse at the First Hospital called to check up on her.

It was difficult for Huo Mian to imagine Huo Yanyan being so idiotic. Even though Huo Yanyan wanted to give her a hard time, she didn't have to do something so amazingly stupid.

Huo Mian must have angered Huo Yanyan so much during the day that made her want to force Huo Mian to admit her relationship to Huo Zhenghai.

They wouldn't accept her in the beginning, but now they were practically forcing and begging her to accept her identity. These people from the Huo family were all certainly pieces of work, and they had no idea how the word shame was spelled.

"Hey girl, you okay?" Zhu Lingling messaged Huo Mian out of worry.

"I'm great."

"Who did this? It's so terrible."

"Huo Yanyan."

"I should go find her with you and beat the shit out of that little b*tch. She's been pissing me off for a while now."

"It's fine, I won't do that. What she did to me has no positive impact for her. Just wait for it, she'll regret it."

On the contrary, Huo Mian appeared more nervous by the fact that others were worried about her...

While she was busy messaging Zhu Lingling, Qin Chu's call sprung up on her phone.


"Are you okay?" By the sound of it, Qin Chu was very worried.

"You saw the Weibo posts too?" Huo Mian smiled bitterly. She never wanted to look for trouble, because she knew Qin Chu would always be the one cleaning up after her.

But so far, she had been nothing but trouble...

"Yeah. I've already gotten someone to shut this down. I will take care of everything else. Don't worry, okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Are you working the night shift tonight?"


"I will go find you."

"No, it's okay. South Side forbids family visits, and they're really strict about it. You don't need to come, just stay at home and wait for me. I will bring some breakfast home tomorrow morning, what do you want to eat?" Huo Mian smiled slightly.

In moments like this, it was clear that Huo Mian was very calm and intelligent as she was still able to speak casually of breakfast, as opposed to being an anxious mess.

"I'll prepare breakfast and wait for you at home." Qin Chu hung up the phone as soon as he finished speaking.

Later that evening, the emergency alarm in room one went off when Huo Mian was busy preparing files. From the moment she heard the ringing, she knew Su Yu did it on purpose.

His room was always full of women and bodyguards, so what kind of emergency could he possibly be in?

She took her sweet time and went over after several minutes.

"What is it?" She walked in and leaned against the doorway casually.

"I want a glass of water, pour me some."

"Do you not have arms? You hurt your leg, not your arm, okay?" Huo Mian shot back.

"Someone's feisty! Looks like your temper is worse now that you're associated with the Huo family," Su Yu commented.

After hearing what Su Yu said, Huo Mian's eyes glimmered. She then turned around and answered as she poured some water, "Wrong. My temper has always been this bad for the past 24 years, during which the Huo family refused to accept me. It has nothing to do with who I'm associated with"

Huo Mian passed over the glass of water and turned on her heel to leave…

"Huo Mian."

"What?" Huo Mian looked back.

"If you beg me, I can take care of this within a minute. " Su Yu held the glass of water in his hand and looked at Huo Mian arrogantly.

Of course, he wasn't boasting. It was an easy fix for Su Yu.

"Oh, thanks. If you drink less water, piss less, and stop breathing, I will be very grateful."

To no one's surprise, she wouldn't ask for help, no matter what kind of situation she was in.

Su Yu really admired her stubborn personality, but at the same time, he was also a little mad that she wouldn't beg him.

As a woman, there were times when you needed to be tender and tame.

Huo Mian's phone kept ringing after she got back to the on-call station.

When she picked up the phone, the first sentence Zhixin asked her was, "Sis, are you planning to go back to the Huo family?"