Chapter 2278: I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (19)

"Filthy… Only a perverted person like you would think of such a filthy thing…" Qin Ning gave him a death glare.

The two went back to the break room to change.

At that time, Zhixin finally stumbled out of the washroom...

His face was a little pale...

"Eh? Bro, where were you at? You reappear now that the wedding is over?" Tang Chuan teased.

"Don't mention it, I think I have food poisoning… I really needed to go, my legs feel weak… What did you say? The wedding ceremony is over? Ah, what am I going to do, I was supposed to be the best man…" Zhixin's face lost all of its colors.

"Don't worry about it, I filled in for you…" Tang Chuan righteously patted Zhixin's shoulder.

"God, I was so scared. I thought I messed up everything. Thank you, Chuan…" Zhixin was naive and didn't realize what was happening. He even thanked Tang Chuan.

"Don't mention it, we're bros anyways…"

"You guys change, I'll go to the reception." Zhixin left while holding his stomach.

Tang Chuan laughed...

Qin Ning gave him a side glare, "Tang Chuan, can you be more shameless?"

"How am I shameless?"

"You drugged him so that he couldn't be the best man. Now, you're pretending to be the good guy? How could you?"

"Let me correct you, I didn't drug him, that was digestive tea. It's good for health, do you understand? I was detoxing him."

"You're extremely shameless… He's an honest boy, if only he was half as smart as Mian… He wouldn't be bullied by you."

"I didn't bully him, don't slander me. Qin Ning, I did it for you…"

She didn't know why, she blushed when she heard Tang Chuan's teasing words.

"Ningning, your face is so red…" Tang Chuan lowered his head and studied Qin Ning's face.

"Ahem… It's hot in here, is the heat on too high?" Qin Ning looked for an excuse.

Tang Chuan looked at the AC and said, "Impossible, the heater isn't on…"

"Eh, it's hot. I said so," Qin Ning corrected.

"Okay, okay. Madame, you're right. It's as hot as the Sahara Desert. How about… Let's go take a bath together?" Tang Chuan teased.

"Leave…" Qin Ning had enough of that scoundrel.

She threw a pillow at him. He didn't even try to dodge, he caught the pillow and hugged it.

"So, Ning-Ning, is this a subtle hint that we can sleep together?"

"Tang Chuan, come here and I'll teach you a lesson," Qin Ning said through clenched teeth. 

"Haha, I won't. You'll kill me." Tang Chuan hid further away from her.

"Get out, I'm gonna change."

"Do it, I'll close my eyes."

"No, only a fool will believe you…" Qin Ning was red from anger.

"That's where you're wrong. Even a fool wouldn't believe me…" Tang Chuan kept teasing her.

"Okay, okay. I'll stop teasing you. I'll leave, take your time changing." After speaking, Tang Chuan was just about to leave when he remembered something. He walked behind Qin Ning and pulled.

The zipper came down immediately and exposed her entire back.

"Tang Chuan… What are you doing?" Qin Ning was close to having a breakdown and screamed.