Chapter 2277: I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (18)

"Can't I look at it? Am I wasting your money?" dissatisfied, Qin Ning asked.

"No, no. Look all you want… If that's not enough, you can touch it…" Tang Chuan snickered.

"Go away…"

The best man and the maid of honor play fought amongst themselves, and that was the wedding ended in smiles and happy tears.

After that was the reception. Qin Chu and Huo Mian covered all the costs.

They ordered the most expensive wedding combo at Yunding Mountain's Hotspring Hotel. Each table had cost up to 38,888 yuan.

The entrees consisted of fresh seafood and other high-class cuisines, and the food satisfied all the guests.

They had a hundred banquet tables, and they even reserved spots for the media, resulting in nothing but high praises.

- At the Huo Mansion - 

Huo Siqian was in a bathrobe sitting in his living room. With a glass of red wine in hand, he watched the eighty inch LCD television.

He was incredibly focused when Huo Mian entered the stage.

His subordinates all stood behind him, none of them daring to speak.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Huo Siqian asked.

His right-hand man was confused at first, then he realized who Huo Siqian was talking about. 

To kiss Huo Siqian's ass, he immediately nodded and said, "Yes, yes, of course. Ms. Huo is beautiful."

"I haven't seen her so graceful like this in a long time, she is such a cute girl… Everything she says is so interesting too." Huo Siqian sipped red wine and praised Huo Mian's performance.

"Boss, if you miss Ms. Huo so much, why don't we invite her here?" Even though he said to invite Huo Mian, given their current relationship, getting Huo Mian here required force.

"Forget it… It's the new year, why bother her…"

As he spoke, he grabbed his phone and called a number.

Huo Mian was trying to get guests into their appointed seats, so she was incredibly flustered. She didn't look at the caller ID and picked up the phone.

"Hello? I'm Huo Mian," out of breath, she said.

"Mian… Happy New Year," Huo Siqian had a small smile and said with his magnetic voice.

After realizing that it was Huo Siqian speaking, Huo Mian's smile disappeared.

"What's your business?"

"Nothing, I just really miss you. I really hope you can come home sometime." Huo Siqian referred to the Huo Family mansion. 

"Huo Siqian, are you delusional?" Huo Mian coldly rejected.

"Calm down, I just want that to happen, I won't do anything… Oh. the live stream was awesome, your performance was great. My girl…"

When she heard Huo Siqian say cringy things like that, Huo Mian's heart ran cold.

"If that's the purpose of your call, then I'm sorry, I am busy." After speaking, Huo Mian hung up the call.

"What's wrong?" Seeing Huo Mian's bad mood, Qin Chu approached her.

"Nothing, just a spam call," Huo Mian hid the truth, grabbed Qin Chu's arm, and continued greeting guests.

After the twins left the stage, they were held by their grandparents and sat with Ni Yang and Chen Jie's family.

This table was for the elders, and they were all close to one another. Huo Mian purposefully made this arrangement.

Tang Chuan and Qin Ning walked towards the break room. They were planning on changing.

"You're wearing too little, come… Wear mine." Seeing Qin Ning's exposed outfit, Tang Chuan offered her his suit jacket.

"Where? This isn't too little." Qin Ning looked down at her dress and found Tang Chuan's words ridiculous.

"It's not too little, the problem is that your chest is too big… Haha, it'll make people think about other things…" Tang Chuan smiled.