Chapter 2274: I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (15)

"Okay then…" Huo Mian decided to cave when she saw Ni Yang and Chen Jie's anticipating expressions. Although she didn't want to, this ceremony really touched her.

Maybe she would feel even more overwhelmed when Zhixin gets married down the road…

"You can do it, Honey!" Mr. Qin mouthed at Huo Mian, and the latter gestured cutely back at her husband.

"Did you see that? Mommy and Daddy are flaunting their love again," Little Bean said.

"The mouthing and the gesture? Yup," Pudding responded.

"They sure know how to entertain themselves," Little Bean pouted.

Huo Mian looked around the room before gently opening her mouth. "Thank you all for coming today. Today is the wedding of my brother, Ni Yang, and my assistant, Chen Jie. At this important moment, I wish that they can trust and help each other, and live an amazing life… I also want to say that a lot of people think that the story ends when the princess and prince end up together, but it's not, it's really the beginning. Once a couple gets married, they will have to face a lot of real-life problems. Marriage isn't always perfect, you have to tend to it. I hope you guys can face all adversities with an open mind and always understand and love each other. I hope you two will enjoy an amazing life together. Thank you."

Then, Huo Mian deeply bowed at the crowd.

She was so elegant… At that moment, she was the most beautiful woman in the room.

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian from below the stage, as proud as could be. She had always been like that – so charismatic that she could always capture the crowd.

"She spoke so well!" Zhu Lingling kept clapping.

"Her IQ is through the roof… we can't compare," Gao Ran laughed.

"Mian's someone that embraces her emotions. She lives a more realistic life than I do," Jiang Xiaowei commented. The truth was, her IQ was really high as well, but their difference was that she was always so pragmatic.

Sometimes being overly logical will strip a woman of charisma. However, Huo Mian was still emotional from time to time. She would cry, laugh, and even try to run Huo Siqian over or try to jump off a cliff when she was fed up with life.

She lived like a true human being; after all, she wasn't God, and she still felt all the pains and desires of this world.

Therefore in comparison, Huo Mian was more liked, and it was also what Jiang Xiaowei liked the most about her.

Su Yu stared at Huo Mian lovingly without even a blink. In his eyes, Huo Mian, although not a superstar, shone even brighter than one.

He hadn't seen her like this in a long time, and he even felt a little emotional. He really wanted to run up and hug her tightly… But on second thought, how could he?

He couldn't even enjoy alone time with Huo Mian anymore; she never belonged to him.

"Did you see that? Young Master Su looks at your sister in law like Romeo at Juliet…" Tang Chuan joked on purpose.

"Screw you," Qin Ning said angrily.

"Haha, I was kidding, don't be mad!"

Qin Ning turned away from him.

"Serious though, Ning-Ning, Yu really loves Huo Mian," Tang Chuan said. He didn't bring up this topic on purpose, but he couldn't ignore Su Yu's expression just now.

Qin Ning didn't get mad why what she heard. Rather, she bit down on her lips. "I know."

"Since when?" Tang Chuan asked out of curiosity.