Chapter 2273: I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (14)

"I can't, I'm too excited… This brat Ni Yang's speech was really good, it really touched me," Huo Mian exclaimed.

"How romantic! Why didn't you say anything like this when we got married?" Zhu Lingling pinched Gao Ran's arm.

"Come on, Honey, what I said back then was really touching as well, alright?! Let's not bring up the past, it's too late for you to complain when our kid is already this old!" Gao Ran rebutted.

"I don't care… During our wedding anniversary you're going to have to say something like this, okay? I want to hear it," Zhu Lingling whined.

Finally, even Gao Boyuan couldn't take it anymore and decided to take his dad's side. "Mommy, you're so loud, can we please watch the wedding?"

"Um…" Zhu Lingling was immediately silenced by their son, while Gao Ran shot Gao Boyuan a complimenting gaze.

Ever since their son learned how to talk, his life had been much better than it used to be… It was now two against one.

After their passionate kiss, the bride and groom exchanged their rings.

Ni Yang then held Chen Jie by the hand and said into the microphone, "There's someone I would like to thank…"

The room went silent again as everyone waited for Ni Yang to go on.

"Back then, because of the pressure that comes from my profession, I suffered from depression. At that time, I met an amazing person who not only patiently cured my disease and helped me out of darkness, she even helped untie the knot that had been buried deep inside my heart for so long and helped my mom and I reconcile. I have what I have today because of her… She's a teacher who's been helping me advance in my career, and she's a dear family member, even though we are not related by blood. I love her like my own sister… I think about her no matter where I go… Now, let us welcome her onto the stage… my dearest sister, Huo Mian!"

The crowd went wild soon as Ni Yang said Huo Mian's name.

Su Yu glanced proudly at Huo Mian while Zhu Lingling clapped as hard as she could. "Sh!t, Mian's going to be famous after today!"

"Of course Ni Yang thanks Mian, she's done a lot for him. Back when he had depression, Mian spent so many sleepless nights discussing possible courses of action with me," Jiang Xiaowei exclaimed.

"Mhm, Mian's really a kind woman. Good people will be awarded by God." Zhu Lingling was happy for Huo Mian, from the bottom of her heart.

"Go on, Dr. Huo, I'm proud of you." Qin Chu patted Huo Mian on the hand, encouraging her.

Feeling a little emotional, Huo Mian stood up and walked up to the stage as all the guests and media watched.

"Wow, Mommy's so cool today!" Little Bean said as she stood behind Chen Jie, and Pudding chuckled. "Mommy's always cool, especially when she's teaching us a lesson!"

"Come on, don't remind me! Mommy's going to give a speech, I have to record it," Little Bean said as she pulled out her phone.

"Mhm, save it for when you do something wrong next time. You can kiss your way out of trouble." Pudding looked at her scornfully, while Little Bean burst into laughter. "You sure know me well, Sis!"

Huo Mian was wearing a navy-colored gown that showed off her shoulders. Not only did the gown show off her slim figure, it also made her look dignified yet humble – the outfit was a perfect fit for her personality.

"You really surprised me, I didn't have any prepared…" Huo Mian said apologetically.

"It's okay, Sis, just say anything…" Ni Yang assured her.