Chapter 2271: I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (12)

"No, Yanyan, I don't. Please don't think that way. I'm just worried about your current situation… Forget it, it is what it is. Either way, take good care of yourself and Tiantian, and come to me when you need help."

Huo Mian could tell that Huo Yanyan was determined to stand by her choice, so she stopped trying to talk her out of it and rather, warned her to be careful.

"Mhm, I will."

"Yanyan…" Shen Mingxi called her from not far away, and Huo Yanyan nodded. "I'll see you then, Mian…"

Huo Mian, on the other hand, walked over to Qin Chu.

He placed his arm around Huo Mian. "Were you trying to talk her out of this decision?"

"Your wife isn't so successful, but… I still don't think she should make this decision..."

"Let it be, she's a grownup and has the right to make her own life choices. She'll have to take responsibility in the future, whether her choices are right or wrong."

"I know." Huo Mian nodded.

"Cheer up! The ceremony is happening soon, and our babies are going to be on."

"How are the preparations going?"

"The bride is getting her makeup done, and Zhixin's getting dressed."

Huo Mian nodded and went back to tending to guests with Qin Chu.

Since it was Ni Yang's wedding, a lot of reporters came, as well as a bunch of celebrities. To Huo Mian's relief, however, Mo Xue'er didn't come. If she did, it would have ruined her mood. 

- Inside the powder room -

Just as Zhixin changed into his groomsmen tux, his stomach began to hurt.

"Zhixin, are you alright?" Qin Ning looked at him curiously.

"Uh, I think I ate something bad, let me go to the washroom…"

"But the ceremony's beginning soon, we're going to be late…" Qin Ning frowned, but Zhixin couldn't seem to take it anymore and ran straight towards the washroom.

Tang Chuan, however, calmly patted Qin Ning on the shoulder. "Haha, don't worry, you guys still have me. I can be the best man to your maid of honor. It's a match made in heaven."

"Go away, stop joking around!" Qin Ning was so used to Tang Chuan's jokes that she thought he was pulling her leg.

Ten minutes later, Zhixin was still nowhere to be seen.

"The ceremony begins in three minutes," the wedding planner called through his microphone.

"Why isn't Zhixin back yet, we're at the eleventh hour!"

"He's not going to come back, he's suffering from intense diarrhea…"

"How do you know?" Qin Ning immediately turned around, but Tang Chuan didn't respond.

"Did you do something?" Qin Ning interrogated.

"I, uh, didn't, but I did give him a glass of anti-constipation tea just now…"

"Y-y-you… you're so despicable!" Qin Ning clenched his teeth.

"It's really his fault, he didn't want to trade with me, I had no other choice… You're the maid of honor, I obviously wasn't going to let anyone else walk down the aisle with you…"

Before Qin Ning could respond, Chen Jie stood up and looked towards them. "Ning-Ning, we should head in now."

"Sure," Qin Ning said as she turned around and whispered by Tang Chuan's ear. "Watch me teach you a lesson later."

"By all means, Little President Qin," Tang Chuan laughed evilly.

Chen Jie walked onto the stage amidst romantic piano music while Pudding and Little Bean led the way. They were wearing mini wedding gowns and crowns made of flowers, and throwing flowers petals onto the ground before them.

Qin Ning, wearing a lavender-colored gown, walked behind Chen Jie as the maid of honor and held her long train.

At that moment, Chen Jie was the most beautiful woman in the room. She was wearing a beaming smile on her face as she slowly walked up to Ni Yang.

"Sis, don't you think we look idiotic throwing flower petals?" Little Bean complained under her breath.