Chapter 2270: I Didn’t Expect You to be a Mistress (11)

"Is that what you think as well?" Huo Yanyan's eyes dimmed; she seemed to be disappointed by Huo Mian's reaction.

The two of them were in the corner of the ballroom. It was secluded and a perfect place to talk. Huo Mian hadn't seen Huo Yanyan in a while and wanted to talk to her as soon as she saw her.

However, she didn't want Huo Yanyan and Shen Mingxi to overthink her intentions, so this was the perfect opportunity for a heart to heart.

No matter how much they used to detest each other, all that hatred disappeared when Huo Yanyan risked herself to save the twins. Now, all Huo Mian felt towards Huo Yanyan was gratitude.

After Huo Siyi died, Huo Yanyan disappeared, and Huo Mian thought that Huo Yanyan hated her. However, her expressions today did not carry a hint of hatred.

"Yanyan, what happened? Why did you go down this road? If you needed money, I could have helped you… I bought you and Tiantian a condo and found a job for you… You don't come across as someone who is driven by money, so don't tell me that you chose Shen Mingxi for money."

"I didn't choose him for money," Huo Yanyan replied calmly.

"Then was it for revenge? Against Wei Ying?" Huo Mian asked.

"Kind of… but that's not all of it."

"Don't tell me you…" Huo Mian suddenly came to a shocking realization.

Huo Yanyan looked up and smiled bitterly at Huo Mian. "Aren't I ridiculous? I'm almost thirty and my daughter's four years old. Who would think that I still believe in love?"

"But are you sure he's someone worthy of you giving him the rest of your life? Marrying into the Shen Family is going to be harder than ever… and you can't be his mistress forever, can you? Aren't you worried that others are going to talk about Tiantian behind her back?" Huo Mian was a woman with extreme morality, and she didn't like the idea of Huo Yanyan being called a 'mistress'.

"Mian, I'm not a mistress, I didn't date Mingxi nor move in with him until he got divorced."

"But if it weren't for you, would Shen Mingxi have divorced Wei Ying?" Huo Mian asked calmly, sending Huo Yanyan into silence.

After a few seconds, Huo Yanyan looked down in guilt and replied quietly, knowing that she was in the wrong, "Mian, I'm not as lucky as you are. Qin Chu's been protecting you since you were young. Mingxi's been great to me, and I don't care if he makes me his wife… I don't dream of marrying him, I just want to be by his side, really."

"You're still young, and there's plenty of fish in the sea, why did you choose Shen Mingxi? Not only are you pulled into the war between the Shen and Wei Families, you're also forced to carry all the blame. People who don't know the truth will think that you seduced him… Plus, Wei Ying's too spoiled and nasty-tempered to let you off the hook, why would you put yourself in harm's way like that?" Huo Mian analyzed the situation for her.

"I know, but… I can't, Mian. You know that I've been in love with him even before I got married… A while ago, my asshole of an ex-husband came back and bullied me and my daughter into giving him money… He smashed everything we had and even brought a local gang to our place to threaten us… My daughter and I were weak, and we needed someone to protect us… I also couldn't bring myself to say no to his kindness, so…"

"So once again, you were trapped in love…"

Huo Yanyan nodded.

"Okay then, if that's the case I really have nothing else to say." Huo Mian sighed.

"Mian, tell me the truth, you really look down on me, don't you?" Huo Yanyan asked Huo Mian as she looked at the latter.