Chapter 227: Identity

Chapter 227: Identity
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"I don't care how much those shares are worth. They have nothing to do with me. Miss Huo, you can leave now and please don't come back. I don't want you to disturb me while I'm at work," Huo Mian ordered.

"Sh*t, you stupid c*nt," Huo Yanyan swore.

"Huo Yanyan, you should watch your image. After all, you're a socialite."

"Huo Mian, don't be a b*tch. What my father is doing is called pitying you, because you're so goddamn poor. Not only that, you have that burdensome little brother of yours. Didn't you have to work several different jobs, including at KFC, to support him through school? Oh yes, let's not forget your crazy mother. She failed in marrying rich, so she ran off with my father's chauffeur. She then tried to blackmail my father when you guys ran out of money. When that didn't succeed, she went around spreading rumors that my father is unfaithful. Your whole family is messed up in the head. I know she owns a little convenience store for a living, so, so quit putting up a front when you guys are all so poor already. I see you're driving a Volkswagen now, did you lease it? Is it secondhand? Or have you gotten yourself a sugar daddy now? Huh?"

Clearly, Huo Yanyan was a very vicious person. Not only that, she was extremely snobby and had always looked down on the poor.

Back when Huo Yanyan was still in school, it was rumored that a fellow classmate really liked her. However, both parents of the boy were civil servants, so his family background was average. She would always give the boy a hard time in front of all the other classmates and call him a toad to suggest that she was out of his league. In the end, the boy jumped off from the third floor because he couldn't take it anymore. Luckily, he only broke his leg, but what did all of that say about Huo Yanyan's character?

"Are you done farting? If you are, then get the hell out. I can't help but gag if I have to look at you for another minute."

"What did you just say?" Huo Yanyan was obviously very surprised.

"You should really value the fact that you came from a good family and live a life of abundance. If you keep on living beyond your means, you will one day drown like a mouse. You shouldn't be so unkind, or you will be doomed by nature," Huo Mian said calmly.

"Who are you saying will be doomed by nature? Huo Mian, you're just jealous of me. You're envious of the fact that I am the Huo family's legitimate daughter, and you, you're just a lowly nurse."

"Miss Huo Yanyan, do you have paranoia? What fuels your superiority complex? Why would I be jealous of you? Do you look like Zhang Manyu or Lin Qingxia? Is your husband Liang Chaowei or Li Zekai? (TL note: These are well-known celebrities in China, equivalent to Angelina Jolie or Leonardo DiCaprio) Out of the three of you, other than the fact that your mom got some brain cells, you and your little brother are practically mentally challenged. I sincerely recommend that you go and munch on some walnuts when you're bored to boost your brain. Aren't you afraid that people will laugh at your intelligence? Oh, and by the way, the fact that you guys are still alive, being the way you guys are, is only because Huo Siqian allowed you guys to live. What a soft-hearted person."

Huo Mian turned on her heel and walked away when she finished speaking...

"Huo Mian, come back here! Who's got no f*cking brain?" Huo Yanyan was furious.

But Huo Mian already left, leaving her no chance to retaliate...

Huo Yanyan was going to make a scene at the hospital, but she was afraid that the media would catch on and, in turn, ruin her image.

On the way back, in her sports car, she was filled with anger.

She then made an extremely daring decision without consulting with her mother.

She made a call to a reporter that she knew. That night at 8 PM, the reporter revealed Huo Mian's identity as a bastard daughter on Weibo (TL note: a major social media platform in China). The reporter deliberately described her and her mother as a vicious pair who hankered after the Huo family's wealth. Despite knowing that Mr. Huo was sick, they only cared about the amount of money they could receive.

At the same time, others assumed that Huo Mian got away with the previous incident because she was the Huo family's bastard daughter.

The report also mentioned that Huo Mian had a good relationship with Huo Siqian, so the incident was very likely taken care of by him.

All the information provided was very exaggerated, but nonetheless, many still believed it.

Later that night when Huo Yanyan finally got home from the club after a night of partying, Shen Jiani asked unhappily, "Yanyan, were you the one who revealed Huo Mian's identity?"