Chapter 224: Tofu

Chapter 224: Tofu
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"I thought the same, but the first design is far too conservative. With GK's current brand identity, we will be laughed at by the market if the new designs we propose are not creative enough. Of course, profit is important for a business, but so is its reputation. So, I plan on pushing forward the third design as the primary product. As you said, the second would be limited edition, while the first would be promoted as inexpensive jewelry and used to attract the general public."

Huo Mian nodded in agreement, as she thought that Qin Chu would always be right.

"I suddenly feel hungry now, I want to eat something," Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian, as his hands moved around her waist.

"If you're hungry, tofu won't be enough to fill you up," Huo Mian pushed his hands away and replied with a smile.

"Tofu is definitely enough for me, I just happen to like it," Qin Chu protested.

There were hints of bitterness in his eyes as well…

To his surprise, Huo Mian nodded, "There's tofu in our fridge, I'll make some for you."

Huo Mian then turned around to head downstairs after she finished her sentence.

Qin Chu felt helpless. He didn't actually mean tofu when he said tofu, and she clearly got it but only pretended that she didn't.

What kind of woman did he marry? She looked like a bunny but was actually as smart as a fox.

Half an hour later, Huo Mian called Qin Chu down for dinner.

She made a mushroom meat stir-fry, a vegetable tofu soup, and two egg pancakes.

Clearly, Huo Mian's cooking immediately stimulated Qin Chu's appetite.

The two sat across from each other, and Huo Mian handed him a glass of water.

Qin Chu ate with great appetite…

"Huo Zhenghai was sick, and I visited him with mom today."


"He wants me to go back and said he left me some shares of the company, but I think he only did so to deal with Huo Siqian. He is unable to control the situation, so he had to think of me. He even put on a show for Mom and me."

"Your mom must have bought it, right?" guessed Qin Chu.

"Yes, she's still sentimental. After all, she's a normal woman, so she seemed to be slightly moved by it. But after she heard my predictions, she believed me. I think that Huo Zhenghai only asked to see my mom and me for his own personal gains, I won't be tricked by his lies."

"He seemed capable of doing that. He never asked or even mentioned you for all these years, but even now, he still plans on using you. How surreal it must be to have a dad like that." Qin Chu really despised the Huo family, only because they have never treated Huo Mian nicely.

Whoever treated Huo Mian badly would always be Qin Chu's enemy…

"Yes, so I've always kept my attitude firm. I won't help him, even if he calls me daddy."

Qin Chu broke into laughter...

His wife will occasionally say the cutest things!

"What are you laughing about? I was talking about a serious subject with you. It's not the time for you to laugh." Huo Mian was speechless.

"So, honey, you must be exhausted after a day of work, but you still have to worry about these things. Should I do something for you?"

"Do what?"

"Like, give you a full-body massage to release your tensions… or we could do some meaningful exercise, to help you forget these worries temporarily."

Huo Mian was overwhelmed with embarrassment when Qin Chu spoke so explicitly about his intentions.

"I don't need a full-body massage, but you could always give me more money. If I have more money, I won't be tempted by Huo Zhenghai's shares, and he won't be able to get his way."

"I have a solution."

"What?" Huo Mian raised her head to look at Qin Chu, not knowing what kind of idea he concocted in his mind this time.