Chapter 2234: Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (5)

"No," Rick denied rather resolutely. 


"Rick, why don't you come over to our place for dinner tonight? My daughters would be delighted to see you!" Qin Chu thought it was a special occasion to see Rick so he invited Rick to his place for dinner. Also, his daughters would love to see their Uncle Rick.

"I can't tonight. I still have to deal with business. I'll try to find time in a few days to visit you guys."

"Okay. Just call us when you are free."

Rick nodded. Then he stood up and said goodbye to Huo Mian and Qin Chu.

When Rick left, Huo Mian sat by Qin Chu and whispered, "Honey, do you really think that Rick suddenly coming back has nothing to do with Xixi?"

"Honey, why are you still so concerned about them? It's been a very long time since they separated." Qin Chu chuckled.

"It's not that I'm concerned about them… Hm… How should I put this? I just think that Rick and Xixi haven't moved on…" Huo Mian didn't know how to articulate it but she wholeheartedly hoped that Rick and Xixi could be together again.

"Do you think you're a fortune teller in the streets or are you cupid?" Qin Chu gently caressed Huo Mian's hair.

Huo Mian was rather embarrassed. She covered her face with her hands and buried her head in Qin Chu's chest.

"It's almost Chinese New Year. Everyone is coming back. I feel like a lot is going to happen…" Huo Mian exclaimed while lying on Qin Chu's legs.

"Like what?" Qin Chu looked at her with curiosity. 

"For instance, Ning-Ning is coming back. It seems like a lot had happened between her and Tang Chuan. I didn't quite understand what she meant but I think that my sixth sense is accurate. Rick also came back but he's unwilling to admit that he still likes Xixi. I am very unconvinced that he won't go and see Xixi. What do you think?" Huo Mian blabbered her opinions.

Qin Chu caressed Huo Mian's cute little face and said, "Okay… No matter if they are stories or legends, it's none of our business… Let fate decide for them…"


That night in some neighborhood in C City, Xixi was buying beer and fried chicken.

She had wanted to eat it with her sister but she felt that she was being followed.

She suddenly turned back but saw nothing.

"Huh? How strange… I felt that someone was following me but there's no one there…" Xixi was scaring herself. She hurried her footsteps and entered into her apartment.

Rick was hiding behind a tree not far behind from Xixi. He peeked out.

He had waited for over three hours for Xixi to come downstairs. He considered himself very lucky because it was very likely that she wouldn't have come down at all.

It had been three years since he last saw her but she was still the same Xixi he knew of.

Although Xixi was drunk in the video that day and her face all red, she did not change much.

Today, Xixi looked very lively. She was wearing a white down jacket with a red hat.

She hopped and skipped while holding all sorts of snacks in her hands. She was still very cute and pure.

When Rick saw her, his heart thumped hard. He had a strong urge to go up to her and say hi but he resisted that urge.

"Godfather, we should go. He is already there…" one of his subordinates carefully reminded him.

"Okay," Rick responded in a low voice. Then, he left in a Benz 450.

When Xixi came back, she told her sister what had just happened.

"Sis, I need to tell you something. It's strange but please don't be scared…" Xixi said in a mysterious tone.