Chapter 2232: Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (3)

"Kind people will be repaid well, unlike how that b*tch Yingzi ended up."

"Your girlfriend looks pretty. Although she's not in the entertainment industry, you two are a great match. She looks very mature and elegant."

That night, Su Yu went on Weibo, reposted Ni Yang's post, and said generously, "I heard that President Qin is paying for the wedding… What should I gift?"

It was a rather humorous thing for him to say, so the netizens were all stirred up by his comment.

"President Su, will you be willing to give up your black Sixth Element Lamborghini?"

"President Su, I suggest you get Ni Yang more wives so he can practice polygamy. Wouldn't that be great?"

"President Su, you could gift mansions or sports cars. After all, you are filthy rich!"

"I heard Doctor Huo treats Ni Yang just like a little brother. If you like Doctor Huo, shouldn't you make her little brother happy?"

"The idiot who just spoke, can you please mind your words? Doctor Huo is Qin Chu's wife. Please don't spread rumors."

"President Su, when are you going to announce your good news? If you don't get married soon, you'll be single forever and that's sad…"

"President Su, why don't you marry me? I can do chores and cook. I can also warm your bed for you. Hahaha…"

Then, Qin Chu, Huo Mian, Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Liao, and the rest of their friends all reposted Ni Yang's post.

Ni Yang's wedding was huge news. Since it was almost Chinese New Year's, the atmosphere was rather nice.

Ever since Tang Chuan came back from the States, he had been more low key in his actions: he barely showed up in public. Huo Mian didn't even know he was back.

When Qin Ning called Huo Mian, she was rather surprised that Qin Ning asked about Tang Chuan.

Since Huo Mian was on holiday, she had driven out to buy snacks for the twins.

Qin Ning suddenly called Huo Mian.


"Hi Ning-Ning."

"Are you busy?"

"No, I'm on holiday. I haven't been to South Side recently. I'm thinking of going back after New Year's," Huo Mian said as she pushed her shopping cart in the supermarket.

"Oh… okay…"

"What's the matter, Ning-Ning? Do you need something from me?"

"Um… Sis-in-law, have you seen Tang Chuan recently?" Qin Ning probingly asked.

"Tang Chuan? I thought he was in the States with you." Huo Mian's radar was not sharp. However, it wasn't completely her fault because only Wei Liao and Su Yu knew that Tang Chuan was back. It had been a bit awkward with her and Su Yu so she naturally would not ask too many questions.

"He went back to China a long time ago…"

"Really? I haven't seen him."

"Oh…" Qin Ning sounded disappointed.

"Ning-Ning, what's the matter? Did you two get into a fight? Why did he suddenly come back and not contact you?" Huo Mian asked many questions all at once. 

Qin Ning thought for a bit and slowly answered, "Something happened between us but it's not what you think… Well, the conclusion is that we haven't been in contact for a long time now. I'm actually quite worried about him. Now that I reflect on my past, I realize that I said some hurtful words before he left. I think he hates me now…"

"Is it that serious? I don't think Young Master Tang is a person who holds grudges…" Huo Mian tried to comfort Qin Ning.

Qin Ning remained silent.

"Ning-Ning, say what's on your mind. Your secrets are safe with me. I'm a woman too so maybe I can help you come up with some ideas," Huo Mian said as she noticed that Qin Ning was feeling a bit blue.