Chapter 2231: Ni Yang’s Grand Wedding (2)

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian with perplexed eyes. In a serious manner, he held onto Huo Mian's shoulders and wanted to say something.

However, Ni Yang stood up from the floor and was walking over.

In front of all the staff at South Side, he gave Chen Jie a big kiss.

This was their first public display of affection. Everyone was cheering.

Chen Jie's face flushed. She wanted to push Ni Yang away but Ni Yang kissed her even harder.

"Wow! This is PG!" Little Bean used her chubby little hands to cover her eyes but she separated her fingers so she could take a peek. 

"Stop pretending like it's a big deal. To you, this is just the appetizer, okay?" Pudding looked at Little Bean calmly.

Little Bean shoved Pudding as a warning and said, "Shh… If you let our Doctor Huo hear it, she's going to kill me…"

After a deep kiss, Ni Yang held onto Chen Jie's shoulder and announced to the world, "Thank you everyone for helping me with my proposal. The 8th day of the first month of the lunar year will be me and Jie's wedding. We will hold our wedding at the Mian resort on Yuding Mountain and we invite everyone here to join us."

"The 8th day of the first month of the lunar year? That fast?" Chen Jie was perplexed as it was all new news to her.

"Don't worry. Just leave everything to me," Ni Yang said gently.

"Wow… This PDA… It's like we're all not here…" Pudding exclaimed.

"Pudding, Little Bean…" Ni Yang called.

"We're here, Uncle Ni Yang," the twins said together.

"You two are good with being my flower girls right?" Ni Yang asked the twins with a smile. 

"No problem!"

"Sister Mian, Brother-in-Law, thank you two for helping me…" Ni Yang said sincerely.

"We're a family. No need to thank us. We're just glad to see you two finally together. I'm really happy for you too…" Huo Mian started to choke with sobs.

"Mian, you were our cupid…" Ni Yang's smile was bright and happy. 

After such an abnormal marriage proposal, Qin Chu asked calmly, "Can we go home and eat now?"

Ni Yang held onto Chen Jie's hand and said, "Haha, Brother-in-Law, we're still going to get a free dinner at your place…"

"Let's go. We still have to go over the wedding details," Qin Chu said kindly.

Just like that, they all returned to South Hill Manor.

At around 10 PM, the video of Ni Yang proposing to Chen Jie at the hospital had become viral on WeChat.

Since Ni Yang had no need to keep this a secret, he decided to make it very public and the news spread throughout the country.

Ni Yang even posted a picture of him and Chen Jie holding hands with a description: "We'll be forever together."

His fans all gathered around his post. In just one hour, there were 500,000 reposts, 200,000 comments, and over one million likes.

All media channels were reporting Ni Yang's successful proposal and that he was hosting his wedding on the 8th day of the first month of the lunar year at the Mian Resort, which was owned by the GK Corporation.

Since the fans knew about their relationship beforehand, most of the comments were blessings.

"I hope my idol will be happy forever."

"Darling, I started being into you when you debuted. I was just in high school back then. Now you're getting married. For me, I am working with my boyfriend from university after graduating. I hope my boyfriend and I can be like you two and be happy together."

"Congratulations! Hope you guys have children soon and the kid will be as handsome as you."

"Ni Yang, why are you getting married. What am I going to do now? I'm sad but I still wish you all the best."