Chapter 223: Opinion

Chapter 223: Opinion
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The second Qin Chu turned around to look at Huo Mian, his eyes immediately grew gentler…

"No need for coffee, can I eat tofu instead?" Qin Chu always had a serious face on, even if he was joking. (TL note: In Chinese, 'eating tofu' is also a slang for second base)

Huo Mian then blushed and walked over. She placed the coffee by his mouse, and flicked his head with her fingers, "Don't get distracted when you're working, or else you really don't deserve to be GK's president."

"Didn't you say that you were staying over there on WeChat?"

Huo Mian nodded, "That's what I planned, but something happened at the hospital and I had to get back. It was already late after I took care of it, and Mom sleeps early so I didn't want to wake her up. Plus, I have to work tomorrow anyway."

"Okay, have you eaten yet?"

"I had some food at the hospital, you?"

"I didn't, but I'm not hungry," President Qin said as he looked at the documents on his computer screen.

Huo Mian stood beside him and looked at the documents curiously.

There were three photos of rings… it might be because they were only initial drafts, they didn't look very pleasing yet.

Qin Chu looked at them carefully while smoothly putting his hands around her waist, holding her lightly.

Then, he inhaled her unique scent and suddenly felt much happier.

"These are the rings the company is going to release next month, which one do you think is the best?" asked Qin Chu.

"I'm not an expert, you should pick one yourself." Huo Mian smiled.

"I trust your judgment, so help me pick one." After staring at them for the whole night, Qin Chu was quite frustrated.

Three different people designed these rings. The first half-moon shaped ring held stars inside, and was designed by Jiang Linyue, which was called, 'Stars Raise the Moon'.

Little girls probably all like this dreamy design…

A young chief designer in their southern subsidiary company designed the second. It was a broken tear shape, both romantic and sad, named, 'Tears of the Devil'.

The third was in the shape of a burning flame and had a complex design, which might shock others with its beauty.

A new designer from the overseas headquarters proposed this daring design, and those were the three that came out on top from tens of thousands of submissions.

As the president, Qin Chu had to personally select one as the primary product, and then officially announce it to the rest of the world.

After spending an entire night with the designs, he found advantages and disadvantages to all three, so he was being very indecisive.

Huo Mian just happened to be back, so he asked for her opinion.

She earnestly slouched over, looked at the computer, and said, "Then I'll tell you what I think, but don't laugh at me."

"Okay." Qin Chu's hand unconsciously clasped Huo Mian's waist tighter, as if he was scared that she would run away.

"The first design is somewhat traditional, but there's nothing wrong with being conservative to go with taking the traditional approach with jewelry. It's a luxury product, and consumers might be scared to try newer designs, so many people would make the most conservative choice. The image of moon and stars is very dreamy, and little girls will love that, so there's a great market for it."

President Qin nodded…

Huo Mian continued, "The second one is interesting, the designer must be an artist because the work perfectly portrayed all of the wounds inside his heart, but there may not be many people who will understand it. Tears are already sad enough, so shattered tears represents endless sadness. I'm sure it'll look amazing when the product comes out, but not many people will understand it, and so they won't buy this, no matter how interesting it is. However, it would be a pity if this doesn't exist at all, so I think you could manufacture a few, and sell it as a limited edition."

Qin Chu nodded with approval. "Not bad, go on."

"I personally like the last one the most. The design is daring, and the product is shockingly attractive, but it must be difficult to manufacture a design as complicated as this one. If the cost of production is too high, consumers might not want to pay a higher price, and in the end, they will only look at it, rather than buy it. So, I suggest that you get a model to wear it first, and once it has been properly marketed, the design could be sold in stores. Once a customer wants to buy it, you can begin manufacturing it after a deposit is paid. In conclusion, the first design suits the general public, while the other two should be treated as limited edition luxury items that only a few can buy, what do you think?"