Chapter 2229: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (20)

 At the hospital entrance, Chen Jie rushed out of the building, with Ni Yang following closely behind.

Chen Jie wasn't going to listen no matter what he said; she didn't even give him the chance to speak.

Ni Yang began to regret what he had done.

Just then, a van appeared out of nowhere. Still angry, Chen Jie was running with her head down, so she didn't see what was coming.

With lightning-fast speed, Ni Yang ran to Chen Jie, grabbing her.

"Jie, be careful!"

He held Chen Jie tightly in his arms as they fell toward the side of the road…

Because everything happened too quickly, they lost their balance and fell onto the edge of the sidewalk.

Ni Yang's head bumped into the ground with a bang, and blood instantly rushed out.

"Ni Yang!" Chen Jie was truly scared silly.

Ni Yang felt a bit dizzy…

"Ni Yang… don't scare me… Are you okay?" This time, Chen Jie witnessed what had happened with her own eyes. She couldn't stay mad at him anymore; she wasn't in the mood to do that.

"Jie… Marry… Marry me..." Despite the blood on his head, Ni Yang reached into his pocket and took out a small box.

Inside was there a three-carat diamond ring. Although not very big or flashy, the cut was beautiful.

"Let's go, I'll take you to the hospital first..." Chen Jie used all of her might to help Ni Yang up.

"Say yes to me or else... I won't get up."

"You… This is not the time! You'll die..." Chen Jie was in tears.

"I don't care. If you don't say yes, I'd rather die..." Ni Yang said through gritted teeth, his head in piercing pain.

"Alright, alright… Geez, why are you like this?! Are celebrities allowed to bully others? I'll say yes. I'll say yes to anything you want. Hurry up and go to the hospital with me." Chen Jie really couldn't say no to the man.

Even though he heard her answer, Ni Yang wasn't in a hurry to get to the hospital. Instead, he opened the box and took out the ring.

He put the ring onto Chen Jie's finger. Because he had previously measured her finger size in secret, the fit was perfect.

Ni Yang held Chen Jie's hand up to his mouth and kissed it gently.

"Jie… I'll make you happy. I… won't disappoint you, trust me."

"Hurry, let's go to the hospital… stop talking." Chen Jie was scared half to death.

She tried her best to help Ni Yang walk back to the hospital. At the sight of them, the medical professionals immediately rushed over to help.

- Thirty minutes later, at the ICU entrance -

"How is he?" Chen Jie, Huo Mian, and the others stood in the doorway, asking anxiously.

"The patient is fine. It's mostly scrapes and a slight concussion. He'll be fine after he rests."

Hearing the doctor's words, everyone breathed out a sigh of relief.

Just then, the ICU door opened. Ni Yang had already changed out of the hospital gown.

Somehow, he was dressed in a suave black tux.

Huo Mian had made earlier arrangements for the public speakers in South Side to be playing background music.

Ni Yang walked out with a microphone in hand, step by step…

He turned to Chen Jie and began to sing:

"I've always wanted to say to you, you give me unexpected joy, like an oasis in the desert."

"Say you will love me forever, become my roots and my wings. Let me fly, but also be my nest."

"I want to and I can give my all without regret."

"Just be together. We'll watch the time go by and remember the way we love each other."

"I just want to love you, love you, through the ups and downs. With you, every day has meaning."

"I just want to love you, love you, sweet and cozy, the feeling is you."

It was an old song, Tao Zhe's"Just Loving You".

It was an old song that Ni Yang loved many years ago. It was also one of Chen Jie's favorite love songs.