Chapter 2228: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (19)

"You… how did you...?" Chen Jie was in utter shock.

In the midst of being completely heartbroken, she never thought that Ni Yang would suddenly come back to life. What kind of magic trick was this?

"I'm not dead… I was just playing a prank on you… I didn't think you'd do something like this..."

"You're… not dead?" Chen Jie was taken aback once again; she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I'm not dead… I'm sorry, we were all in on it. I just wanted to give you a surprise, and I also wanted to hear your true feelings for me… I really didn't expect that you would..."

At the thought of her aiming a pair of scissors towards herself, Ni Yang felt his heart wrench.

This silly girl… She was always so quiet about her feelings. Even when the two of them were sharing a bed in Bali and Tahiti, she would rarely confess her love or show her feelings, making Ni Yang more and more insecure.

That was why he thought of this joke out of the blue… But the results? Not only did he hear the confession he so craved for, he also almost killed the love of his life.

"You pranked me?!" Chen Jie looked furious.

"Jie, I just wanted to know your true feelings… I-"

Before Ni Yang could finish, Chen Jie slapped his face with all her might. Pa!

"Ni Yang, you've gone too far… You can't do this… Even if you're a huge celebrity. Do you know how worried I was about you? I can't believe you lied to me… You used such a low prank to test my feelings for you… I don't ever want to see you again!" Utterly infuriated, Chen Jie opened the door and ran out.

"Jie, listen to me..." Knowing that he had screwed up, Ni Yang ran out after her.

"Jie..." At the sight of Chen Jie running out in anger, Huo Mian knew that things had gone bad. It was normal for the girl to react this way. After all, Huo Mian opposed to all of this when it was first suggested to her. She knew that Jie wouldn't appreciate it.

Unfortunately, the little brat that was Ni Yang wouldn't listen to her… He definitely dug his own grave…

"Jie, listen to me. Don't run so fast… Be careful..." Ni Yang followed behind Chen Jie.

They ran out of the door one after the other...

Little Bean: "So, Uncle Ni Yang screwed up big time, right?"

Pudding: "Auntie Jie's reaction was expected, but… in my opinion, it is only temporary. With Uncle Ni Yang's personality, she'll come around… eventually."

Little Bean: "Let's guess how long it'll take this time"

Pudding: "Shall we make a bet? I'm betting no more than an hour."

Little Bean: "I think it'll take longer. Auntie Jie's really angry this time. I think it'll take at least a night." 

Pudding: "If you lose, you can't eat ice cream and cake for the next week."

Little Bean: "… Can we change to a different wager?"

Pudding: "No."

Little Bean: "Then what if you're wrong?"

Pudding: "If I lose, I'll give you 10,000 Yuan with which you can buy whatever you want to eat." 

Little Bean: "Really? You promise?"

Pudding: "When have I ever lied to you?"

Little Bean: "Deal!"

In the end, Little Bean gave in to the temptation, making a bet with her sister.

Next to the twins, a worried Huo Mian leaned onto Qin Chu's shoulders. "Honey, you don't think that this is going to turn out badly, right? Jie won't break up with him over this, would she?"

"I don't think she'll break up with him, but anger is unavoidable. No one would appreciate this. It's just a proposal… Why did he have to make it so dramatic?" Qin Chu felt that Ni Yang had crossed the line this time.

The twins and the Qin Couple waited at the hospital, hoping to get the final news. After all, Ni Yang had begged them to help him plan this big 'surprise' for quite some time. The surprise seemed to have gone in the opposite direction, however, as it infuriated Chen Jie.