Chapter 2227: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (18)

"No, I don't believe it, it's not true… it's not… he won't die…"

Chen Jie was so shocked she couldn't cry. At the height of sadness, the body forgets to produce tears.

"Calm down, Jie..." Pained, Huo Mian tried to console Chen Jie.

"Mian, I don't believe it. Ni Yang, he… wouldn't leave me… in Bali, he swore to me before the temple… He promised that he would take care of me for the rest of my life, in sickness, in health… I can't believe that he'd break his word…"

"Jie, nobody could have guessed that this would happen… why don't you go to him first? Be strong."

Just like that, Chen Jie made her way to the ICU room, numbed and with heavy steps…

As she walked into the ICU, Huo Mian guiltily leaned into Qin Chu's chest.

"Honey, do you think that we went a little bit overboard? If Jie finds out the truth, she's going to hate us…"

"I think so too, but, since Ni Yang wanted us to give her a surprise, we'll give her a surprise." Master Qin was incredibly calm.

"I'm not sure this is a surprise, maybe a scare is a better word..." Although she was acting, Huo Mian felt gutted by the process.

Chen Jie's emotions were genuine and Huo Mian couldn't bear to see her suffer like that; she knew how much Chen Jie loved Ni Yang.

"Daddy, Mommy, how did we do?" Little Bean stuck out her tongue.

Qin Chu gave a thumbs up. "Great."

"Who was better, me or my sister?"

"Not this again..." Qin Chu was speechless.

The only downside to having two daughters was the constant competition between the two girls.

The family of four waited at the door.

When Chen Jie went in, Ni Yang was laid on the bed, his entire body covered by a white sheet, even his face.

This was how hospitals treated the deceased.

Chen Jie covered her mouth. She tried her best not to cry but she couldn't hold back her tears.

She walked over slowly and fell down beside him.

"Liar… you big liar, you said you'd take care of me for the rest of my life… How could you lie to me?"

As her words sounded, Chen Jie began to cry quietly.

On the hospital bed, Ni Yang's insides twisted and turned.

It was just supposed to be a prank, a build-up to a surprise proposal.

Now that it came to this, seeing Chen Jie so incredibly sad, he was gutted.

However, during the time that they had dated, he had never heard her confess her feelings.

Chen Jie wasn't good at sweet-talk. She wasn't very lovey-dovey even during the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

So, Ni Yang decided to stick to it. He wanted to know what he meant to her.

Sure enough, after some crying, Chen Jie uttered slowly, "I came from an ordinary family. I'm not beautiful and I don't have the best personality. I don't have the best grades and not a single thing about me is impressive. So, I work harder than others, hoping to get the same opportunities as everyone else. My biggest accomplishment in life is having a steady job. I've never dared to dream of other things. I've even thought about going on blind dates, getting married and having children… that was going to be my life… until I met you. You changed me… It's as if God was especially good to me. He gifted me with a great big surprise, making me feel that I was the luckiest person alive. It took me four long years to turn from a confused and insecure girl to the brave one that stands before you today. Mian and her husband spent four years apart while we enjoyed every second of it together. I really thought… that I've become a lucky girl… It turns out… haha… everything's fake. It's like a dream… and now, it's time to wake up. So, Ni Yang, don't be scared… you said that you wanted to be with me forever… that we'd only be separated by death… But now I'm telling you… that no one in this world knows how much I love you. Even if it's just a dream… I'm still happy… Even death cannot separate us. I'm coming to find you…" With that, Chen Jie stood up and grabbed a pair of scissors from the tray.

She aimed it at her heart and stabbed...

Fortunately, Ni Yang got up in time, snatching her wrist. "Jie, have you gone crazy?"