Chapter 2224: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (15)

She stood up tall and yelled, "What if we have a wedding? So what? Mr. Xiang is willing to make me his wife lawfully. He's much better than some asshole with a stone heart who is selfish and immoral! At least he won't kill his own baby or have me die for him, unlike someone here… Whatever. My eyes are wide open now. Huo Siqian, do you think you own all the women in this world?"

"Xue'er, you're so agitated again. Look at yourself. I haven't even said anything yet…" 

Then, Huo Siqian slowly walked towards Mo Xue'er.

Mo Xue'er was so terrified that she started backing up.

"Xue'er, this flower suits you well. If you wear it, you'd look very pretty! It's almost Chinese New Year. You should dress up."

Then, Huo Siqian put the red flower in his hand onto Mo Xue'er's hair violently.

It pierced her so hard that she furrowed her brows.

"Huo Siqian, what the f*ck do you want?" Mo Xue'er was almost driven crazy.

"I'm here to say thank you for the present you gave to Ruoxi. Unfortunately, those people you sent for her have disappeared from this world…"

When Huo Siqian finished his sentence, Mo Xue'er realized that her scheme had failed. She suddenly felt as if her heart sank into cold water. 

"In order to thank you for Ruoxi, I'm going to repay you well. After all, it's only polite to gift you the same value as what you gifted us right?" Huo Siqian gently lifted up Mo Xue'er's chin.

Mo Xue'er felt that behind Huo Siqian's gentle touch was his urge to rip her into a billion pieces.

"If you were a man, then just stab me to death and finish me." Mo Xue'er was terrified of Huo Siqian, especially when he was acting disingenuously. She would much rather know what he would do to her. 

"No. Your death will be more painful than Song Yishi's, that's for sure…" Huo Siqian stroked Mo Xue'er's hair and whispered by her ears.

Suddenly, Mo Xue'er felt that every atom in her was trembling.

No one in this world was more terrifying than Huo Siqian.

"Okay… Well, I won't disturb you two love birds… I still need to go to the supermarket and buy some stuff for Chinese New Year so that everyone will have a happy Chinese New Year… After all, we're running out of time in this world, right?"

Huo Siqian left the room laughing.

Mo Xue'er fell into the chair. Her mouth was wide open as she gasped for air. 

"Xue'er, are you okay?" Mr. Xiang came over when he saw she didn't look that well.

Mo Xue'er waved her hand but couldn't utter a word out.

In South Hill Manor, the twins had just woke up from their afternoon nap.

Huo Mian came downstairs to the kitchen to see what was for dinner.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

"Sis, we're coming home…" Ni Yang said with excitement.

"Already? Do you want to come over for dinner?"

"Yeah! We miss Chinese food so much. Can we have Chinese please? I want spicy food…"

"No problem. Go home, and get changed. Then come over directly. Dinner will start at 6 PM sharp."

"Okay. Sis, do you remember that thing I told you about?" Ni Yang asked worriedly.

"Of course. Do you think I have dementia?" Huo Mian chuckled.

"That's good then. Let's not waste time. Let's do that tonight!"

"Tonight? Isn't that a bit of a rush?"

"No, no… I've been looking forward to it for a long time now. Can you hurry up and discuss it with Chu?" Ni Yang asked with excitement.

"Okay. I'll talk to your brother-in-law about it."

When she hung up the phone, Huo Mian gave a long sigh. She thought that youngsters nowadays were sure wild.

She picked up her phone again and video-called Qin Chu.