Chapter 2223: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (14)

"Yeah but I felt bad for you… How come Mo Xue'er isn't thankful for what she has… How dare she come and try to hurt you? I can't forgive her! She's hiding behind that old man Xiang. She's pretending to be all powerful and going against you. I only asked daddy to give them a taste of their medicine but who knew she would have such a low tolerance… She even hired people to rape me. She's pure evil! You can't let her off the hook easily!" 

"I know what to do with Mo Xue'er. She's not your problem so don't get involved anymore. Also, can you think with your brain for once? You're the mayor's daughter so can you not go running around like that by yourself?" Huo Siqian said in his normal unfriendly tone.

"Siqian, I understand what you mean. I'll listen to you from now on."

Huo Siqian didn't continue the conversation. He had saved Yan Ruoxi from Mo Xue'er's plot because he pitied her. 

After sending Yan Ruoxi home, Huo Siqian ordered his subordinates to go directly to the Xiang Residence.

They had passed by a small supermarket on Qijian Road. Huo Siqian got off the car and personally picked something out.

Mo Xue'er was anxiously waiting for the news. She did not know if the mission had failed or succeeded. 

She was so anxious that she kept pacing around.

"Xue'er, you were too brash. It was too risky. She is the mayor's daughter after all. If things went smoothly, that would be great, but have you thought about the consequences if the mission fails?"

Mr. Xiang seemed to be unhappy with Mo Xue'er's way of doing things.

"I was trying to help you regain face! That b*tch has been whispering bad things about us in her father's ears and that led to us losing our land! Can you really forget about that?"

"So what if I can't forget about it. It's just a matter of time… What you did though, if they failed…"

"It doesn't matter if they failed. People won't be able to trace them back to us. Even if Yan Ruoxi knew we were behind this, she wouldn't be able to do anything about it!" Mo Xue'er proclaimed arrogantly.

Mr. Xiang was old now and he loved Mo Xue'er so he didn't continue his argument with her.

"Master, Mr. Huo Siqian is here to visit," the butler said.

"Why is he here? Did he come to get revenge?" Mo Xue'er looked petrified.

"Let him in. This is my home and I don't think he'd dare to do anything here." Mr. Xiang let out a soft sigh. He knew that Huo Siqian did not come with benevolence. 

Mo Xue'er was still scared. She was in a green Cheongsam and sat next to Mr. Xiang.

Huo Siqian came alone. He didn't bring any of his subordinates inside.

He was carrying a red fruit bag. He came over with a smile and said, "It's almost Chinese New Year. I didn't know what to get you but I passed by a small supermarket on my way here and saw these red lucky signs and poems. They're festive and symbolize good luck so I brought you some."

"Siqian, you're too kind…" Mr. Xiang said politely.

Huo Siqian looked at Mo Xue'er and smiled. "Xue'er, you're looking prettier and prettier…"

"R-really?" When Mo Xue'er saw Huo Siqian smile like that, she was actually getting chills down her spine.

"Yeah. I thought this 'Xi' character looked really beautiful so I bought it for you… Aren't you and Mr. Xiang getting married after the holidays?" (editor's note: "Xi is a Chinese character that symbolizes happiness and good fortune. It's also used to celebrate marriages.)

"Siqian, don't tease me. I'm already too old for weddings… Xue'er is only my mental support…" Mr. Xiang was rather embarrassed. He knew Huo Siqian was being sarcastic.

Mo Xue'er was probably triggered by Huo Siqian's words so she glared at him provocatively.