Chapter 2221: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (12)

"You're very welcome," Huo Mian responded with a gentle smile.

It was midnight and Huo Siqian was in his library looking at pictures of Huo Mian from when she was younger. Who knew where he got those pictures from.

Huo Mian was around five and in a flowery dress. She had two ponytails and was rather chubby.

Her features were prominent. She even smiled at the camera.

It was Huo Mian's famous smile, the smile that Huo Siqian loved very dearly.

He held the picture tenderly and touched little Huo Mian's smile.

"How were you able to smile so calmly at such a young age?" Huo Siqian said in a loving voice.

"Boss…" one of his subordinates called out after knocking on the door.

"Come in."

"Boss, the people we sent to follow Mo Xue'er reported back that she has been tailing Miss Yan's car… We're suspecting that she's going to hurt Miss Yan."

"Isn't that great? We can record the evidence and give it to Mayor Yan directly," Huo Siqian said calmly.

"We found a few men following her with malicious intent. They seem like they want to rape her. If we wait till they finish and record the process, then wouldn't it be too late?"

Huo Siqian's subordinates had witnessed how Yan Ruoxi treated their boss for the last few years. She truly loved him.

Although Huo Siqian would ignore her, she would come here often with fruits. She would even go buy personal hygiene items for Huo Siqian at the supermarket.

In the past few years, only a few women were close to Huo Siqian: Song Yishi, Yan Ruoxi, and Mo Xue'er.

His subordinates saw Yan Ruoxi the best of them all because she was not like a spoiled brat and that she was nice to them.

They were quite worried for her under such circumstances.

"Isn't that the best outcome? Only then would Mayor Yan kill that b*tch… We won't even have to move a finger…" Huo Siqian said slowly.

"Boss, then Miss Yan would end up so pitifully…"

"Get lost. I know what I'm doing. Do I need you to teach me what to do now?" Huo Siqian yelled.

"Yes, Boss…" The subordinate was so terrified that he left the room and closed the door shut.

The rivalry between Mo Xue'er and Yan Ruoxi did not suddenly grow overnight.

Yan Ruoxi had harshly reprimanded Mo Xue'er after that car incident where she tried to scheme against Huo Siqian. 

She had even found people to disperse news online about Mo Xue'er's dark past.

She even prevented her father from granting land to the Xiang Family. She had done a lot of things to get into Mo Xue'er's way so Mo Xue'er used terrible methods to get back at Yan Ruoxi.

Yan Ruoxi, however, did not know that she was being followed. 

Only when she was knocked out and brought to a storage facility in the outskirts did she realize that she was really doomed.

"What do you want?" Yan Ruoxi looked at the men in front of her with trembling eyes.

"Hehe… What do you think? You look very pretty. Your skin is smooth as milk. We'll have you climax in no time…" Then, a man that looked like a pig touched Yan Ruoxi's chin. Immediately, she wanted to throw up.

"F*ck off. Don't touch me. Do you know who I am? Do you know who my daddy is?" Yan Ruoxi screamed.

"We don't care who's your daddy. We just get paid for the work. As long as you cooperate, we'll treat you gently…"

"It's that b*tch Mo Xue'er right? How much is she paying you guys? I'll pay double. No, triple that!" Yan Ruoxi shouted rather anxiously.