Chapter 2220: Happy New Year, Happy Reunion (11)

"Haha, you're good with words as always but isn't that because you have different men supporting you? Do you really think you're that great?" Mo Xue'er said with spite. It seemed like she still hated Huo Mian.

"Even if there wasn't a man behind me, my life would be great, thank you. Please don't speak as if we are similar. I am not a woman that cannot live without men. You on the other hand, well… I'll let you interpret the rest. So have you heard anything from Huo Siqian?"

The look on Mo Xue'er's face changed slightly.

"Hehe, are you scared?"

Mo Xue'er did not respond but you could see her eyes trembling.

"Don't go mocking Jian Tong cause your ending is probably going to be similar to hers. You were doomed to fail ever since you decided to go against Huo Siqian. Now, you're just walking towards your death. If I were you, I would pack my stuff and go as far as I could instead of hiding behind Mr. Xiang. If Huo Siqian wanted you dead, not even God can save you…"

"You sound like you know Huo Siqian very well…" Mo Xue'er sneered.

"Of course I know him better than you. Do you know how many years I've known him for?" Huo Mian said calmly.

"But have you slept with him? No, right? I've slept with him so you don't know him as I do."

"Mo Xue'er, you're truly disgusting!" Huo Mian rarely would directly criticize anyone, especially if the person was female.

However, Mo Xue'er's words really infuriated Huo Mian.

"Haha, stop pretending like you're innocent. We're very much similar. To me, you're equally as disgusting. I have come here today to see you b*tch! I want to see what you still have up your sleeves. You are the ultimate b*tch. No one that went against you has ended up well. Huo Mian, you're incredible in terms of your man-seduction skills. In this sense, you are the one I respect the most… Huo Mian, you're the type who is truly a slut inside but pretends to be the Virgin Mary."

"That's still better than directly being a shameless b*tch…" Huo Mian was so mad that she started swearing.

"Fine. I wish you all the luck with your pretentious act as the Virgin Mary, but I know God knows and one day, karma will catch up to you…" Mo Xue'er whispered in Huo Mian's ears.

"If I end up in hell, then it must have been that I wasn't decisive enough. Good and evil will always be rewarded. I believe God is watching us. I await for your ending… I just hope you die painlessly… However, you did infuriate Huo Siqian, the devil, so you're probably going to suffer. Maybe you should start praying for yourself," Huo Mian warned. 

Mo Xue'er was infuriated by Huo Mian's words. She directly turned around and walked away.

She bumped into Qin Chu, who was coming back after taking a call.

"Qin Chu, your wife's not bad. You should keep an eye on her or else Huo Siqian is going to take her away from you… Haha…" Mo Xue'er maliciously cursed.

"You don't have to worry about me. Worry about yourself if you want to live a little bit longer… It is Chinese New Year after all…" Qin Chu did not go easy on her.

Mo Xue'er was so infuriated that she turned pale.

When Mo Xue'er left, Qin Chu sat across from Huo Mian and asked, "What was she doing here?"

"What else can she do? She's just trying to get on my nerves. She said I was behind Jian Tong's incident…" Huo Mian said calmly. She was looking down at her fries and putting them in her mouth.

"You don't have to mind the words that come out from her mouth," Qin Chu tried to cheer her up.

"Of course. If I just take everyone's words to heart, I don't think I would live this happily. After all, I'm not pretty but Mr. Qin Chu loves me and because of that, I already faced a lot of pressure back in school…" Huo Mian chuckled.

She didn't realize that she had ketchup on the corners of her lips. Qin Chu saw and took out a tissue to help her gently wipe it away.

"Thank you, Mrs. Qin, for upholding the pressure all these years and choosing me…"