Chapter 221: Personal Interest

Chapter 221: Personal Interest
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"Of course I want to, but there are just too many women around Su Yu, and I don't have a competitive advantage." Huo Yanyan lowered her head due to a lack of confidence.

"Yanyan, Mommy isn't pressuring you, but you've lost the freedom of marriage from the very moment you were born into the Huo family. Our marriages are only based on family interests. Love is for idiots. You're still young, Yanyan, you'll understand once you're my age," Shen Jiani persuaded her daughter with good intentions.

"Mom, there aren't any good men in my circle, each and every one of them toys with emotions. I'll be upset if I marry one of them, but Su Yu is different. Even though he has a lot of women as well, he has never fallen for any of them. Those women are like clothes for him, he never wastes any emotions on them. He's handsome and the wealthiest. I want to become the queen that everyone envies, and the queen that the king spoils, just like how Daddy spoiled you back in the day."

Plenty of socialites dreamed of marrying into the Su family…

Even though Su Yu had a bad temper, there were still countless women that were eager to surrender to his handsome looks.

Huo Yanyan especially liked Su Yu's looks and arrogant attitude, but sadly, he had never even laid his eyes on her.

She also hadn't gotten any chances to approach him.

Shen Jiani thought about it for a moment, and then she said, "Marrying into the Su family would be quite nice, but that son of theirs is hard to approach. No one knows what he's thinking, and I'm afraid this plan won't easily succeed."

"How will I know for sure if I don't try? Some of my close girlfriends hang around a couple of Su Yu's friends, so I could definitely think of a way to get him interested in me. Plus, I'm different from those other women; I'm clean and have not been involved in scandals. Once Su Yu shows interest in me, I'll take advantage of that opportunity. Soon, not only will I be able to date Su Yu, I will also marry him. I'll get approval from the Su family, and everything will be set once I become pregnant with Su Yu's child."

"That would be best." Shen Jiani nodded with praise.

They dreamed around but failed to even realize that Su Yu would never marry Huo Yanyan.

Even if he wanted to, Huo Siqian wouldn't agree. Siqian would never let there be an opponent that was much stronger than him to exist in his family.

Plus, Su Yu knew nothing of this; he didn't even know who Huo Yanyan was. How could she even dream of having Su Yu's children?

If Huo Mian was there, she would definitely say, "Huo Yanyan, aren't you thinking a bit too much..."

Huo Mian originally planned on taking time off to be with her mom. They shopped around and ate together. Finally, the two of them got onto a bus and headed home.

"Mian, stay home tonight, I'll make you some hand-pulled noodles with mushroom meat sauce tonight," Yang Meirong especially emphasized.

Hand-pulled noodles with mushroom meat sauce were her mother's specialty, and it was incredibly delicious.

She would always eat three big bowls of it every time her mother made it when she was little. She would be stuffed, while Zhixin also fought for it, fearing that there wouldn't be enough.

Huo Mian felt slightly moved when she heard her mother say this, but just as she was about to agree and stay home tonight with her mother, she received a call from the hospital.

"Mom, something just happened at the hospital, so I've to head back first. I'll visit another day."

"Okay, be careful on the way." Yang Meirong watched her daughter go with slight reluctance in her eyes.

After what happened today, she realized how hard life had been for her daughter. Yet, she was still unmoved by the Huo family's great wealth.

Instead, her daughter stood on her side, which made her feel incredibly comforted.

Huo Mian headed straight to room 2 when she arrived at South Side Recuperation Center before she even had a chance to change into her uniform.

"Grandpa Liu, why didn't you follow my advice? Didn't we say that you couldn't have sweets? You have high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and your leg is still recovering. You need to be careful of your diet."

"I just had a tiny bit of honey," Grandpa Liu said as if he had been wronged.