Chapter 220: Mother and Daughter

Chapter 220: Mother and Daughter
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"I'm not sure, I can't figure out what they're thoughts are for now." Huo Zhenghai wasn't sure how much of his words Huo Mian and her mother believed.

Shen Jiani walked over with gentle eyes, and she held Huo Zhenghai's hand. "Zhenghai, thank you for doing this for us."

"Don't say that, it's all for our kids. Where's Siyi?"

"He's preparing for the overseas business trip next month, I can see that he's trying really hard." Shen Jiani tried to embellish Huo Siyi's abilities in front of Huo Zhenghai.

Huo Zhenghai nodded and didn't say anything else.

He truly loved Shen Jiani, and the son and daughter of theirs.

Even though Huo Siyi was useless, and Huo Yanyan was wildly arrogant, he still saw them as his true children.

However, as for Huo Mian, the truth was, there was always a disgusting thought in his head that Huo Mian was a tainted daughter.

It was because after Yang Meirong became pregnant and failed to enter into his family, he hoped that she would obediently give birth to his child.

Instead, he never expected her to run off with that lowly driver of his, Jing De, and the two even formed their own family.

Therefore, Huo Zhenghai always thought that Yang Meirong cheated on him with Jing De when she was pregnant, and so even if Huo Mian was his own child, he still wouldn't like her. This was why he neglected the mother and daughter for all these years.

Huo Yanyan walked out of First People's Hospital with her face full of complaints,

"Mom, when will Dad stop pretending? He isn't sick at all, but pretends that it's bad, what's the point? Will brother and I really be in trouble if we don't get help from that Huo Mian? What if she doesn't help us once she gets the shares? Or what if she helps Huo Siqian bully us? I heard that that old lady contacted Huo Mian already."

"Do you think your dad is dumb? Of course he had already thought of all that. The shares might have been given to Huo Mian, but she won't have any rights to move or sell them. Plus, those shares are tied to yours, which means that as long as she returns to the Huo family and inherits her part of the share, she will have no choice but to stand on our side."

"Then will she take the bait?" Huo Yanyan was slightly worried.

"That share is worth over a hundred million, what do you think?" Shen Jiani was convinced that Huo Mian would take the bait, all because it had to do with money.

In her eyes, no one could ever refuse the allure of money.

For a 24-year-old girl from a poor background without much life experience and knowledge, it would take her several lifetimes to spend all of that money, so why wouldn't she agree?

If Huo Mian agrees to come back and help them, would that money really end up in Huo Mian's hands?

The answer was no. There was no way Shen Jiani would let Huo Mian have the money that, in her opinion, rightfully belonged to her daughter.

They only wanted Huo Mian back to stall time and mess up Jiang Hong's plans. Once all their plans were in place, Huo Mian would still be kicked out of the Huo family…

Sadly, they had no clue that their plans only seemed perfect in their dreams, and Huo Mian wasn't that easy to deal with.

"Even if Huo Mian comes back, we still don't have a big chance of winning, Mom. Huo Siqian is really scary, we should think of something else."

"If you already know that Huo Siqian is scary, then hurry up and find a rich man to marry, someone with a great background to join forces with our family and become our shield. We must use the opportunity to attack first before Huo Siqian gets married and wins the support from his in-laws."

Huo Yanyan immediately pouted when she heard what her mother said, "Mom, marriage is for life, and I want to take it seriously."

"Why are you acting so reserved now? Didn't you always like Su Yu? Don't you want to marry into his powerful and influential family?" asked Shen Jiani in response.