Chapter 2186: Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (7)

Jian Tong had a bad feeling about this so when she uttered her words, she was shivering with fear.

Su Yu looked at her with an icy cold glare filled with hatred.

"Kill yourself and everything will be over," Su Yu said in a bitter cold tone.

Jian Tong felt like her soul had sunk into the abyss when she heard Su Yu's words.

"President Su, do you want me to die?" Jian Tong said in a whimpering voice.

Never did she expect Su Yu to actually say those words to her.

She had followed Su Yu many years and she knew that he was a man of his words.

He wasn't threatening her; instead, he was commanding her.

This was something terrifying about Su Yu.

"Don't you think you deserve to die after what you've done?" Su Yu interrogated.

"But… I already apologized and I didn't mean it."

"Sorry isn't something you need to say to me. Even if you say it to Little Bean, it's useless. Maybe you can apologize to God instead…"

"President Su, how can you do this to me? Think about how much I've done for you and the Imperial Star Corporation all these years?" Jian Tong had been very popular these years after Mo Xue'er lost her status. As the number one female artist in China, she indeed held a high status in the entertainment circle and had earned a lot of money for the Imperial Star Corporation.

"Can you please think of what came first? Imperial Star created you so you could earn money for Imperial Star. You did not make Imperial Star… We don't lack female artists so even if you didn't exist, I could make someone else popular… However, what would you become if it wasn't for me and Imperial Star?"

Su Yu did not hold back his words. 

Jian Tong now was terrified and regretted her actions. She knew that there was nothing she could say to make him forgive her.

"President Su, you can't just make me die… You should give me a chance. I will never do anything like this again. I will never hurt the twins or Huo Mian… I really won't… I promise…" Jian Tong now found out that she was nothing to Su Yu. Even if Huo Mian lost a strand of hair because of her, Su Yu would make her pay a million times for it. This was how unfair it was.

She realized she was nothing and had no position – the only thing left of her was to beg for mercy.

"I've let you off the hook for many things these years because I thought you knew your stance. I never expected you to be so stupid. If it were some other mistake, maybe I will forgive you. However, you almost killed Little Bean, so you must die!" Su Yu was rather determined.

"What if I don't? Are you going to kill me? Are you going to have someone kill me?" Jian Tong started crying.

Her emotions were very unstable. She did not care if her face was wrapped in gauze. All she could do was stare at Su Yu with tears-filled puppy eyes.

"No, I won't do anything but I know Qin Chu won't let you off the hook…" Then, Su Yu turned around.

"President Su, please save me…" Jian Tong shouted.

"Too late..." Su Yu said his last words and left the hospital.

"President Su, how's my daughter? Is she feeling better?" Jian Tong's mother went over to talk to Su Yu but he did not respond.

Instead, he walked straight past her.

"President Su, about Ms. Jian's contract, what should we do? What's the company's decision? What should we do about her contracts with companies and her scheduled jobs? She has a movie shooting planned. Should we get a newbie to replace her?" Jian Tong's manager anxiously followed behind Su Yu's steps, trying to make a good impression on him, as Su Yu was his ultimate boss.