Chapter 2184: Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (5)

"President Wei is here. President Su, you can go upstairs," the reception said politely.

Su Yu would have gone to Tang Chuan's place and they could drink together. However, Tang Chuan was not a very responsible adult.

He would rather go all the way to the States after Qin Ning. Apparently, he was freeloading at Qin Ning's home right now.

He would follow Qin Ning to work and was doing random chores at the GK Corporation.

What was surprising was that Qin Ning's father, who was Qin Chu's uncle, didn't kick him out.

Qin Ning's father treated him with ardor, which was a very rare thing.

Wei Liao was usually very busy at work.

However, no matter how busy he was, he would go home and spend time with his wife and child. He would not attend any events after work.

Wei Chuyun's personality was similar to Wei Liao's: they both were untalkative but were very smart.

Wei Chuyun's reasoning was not as strong as Jiang Xiaowei, his mother, but he was still young so there was still a lot to learn.

"You don't look that great…" After seeing Su Yu not in great shape, Wei Liao said, a bit heartachingly.

The two were drinking whiskey in Wei Liao's office.

"Yeah, I didn't sleep last night…" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Why don't you go home and rest? Why come here to drink?"

"I don't feel that great… It's like there's a rock pressing against my heart…" Su Yu pointed to his heart with one hand while holding a glass of whiskey in the other.

"Are you feeling guilty towards Huo Mian after what happened to Little Bean or are you afraid that there would be a barrier between you and the twins after this?" Wei Liao asked the key question.

Su Yu didn't respond. Instead, he gulped down the whiskey. Then, he gave a deep sigh. "Both I guess. I wasn't afraid of anything when I was young. You know right, that when people grow old, they become less courageous…"

"Did... Huo Mian blame you?" Wei Liao probed.

Su Yu smiled bitterly. "It'd be great if she did. You know how she is… She won't open up to anyone and just keeps everything to herself. She didn't blame me but I know she's suffering… When I see her like that, I blame myself for being so stupid… Why couldn't I even take care of the kids? It was the first time Little Bean and Pudding stayed over at my place and Little Bean got poisoned… How can I face them again?"

Su Yu wanted to see Little Bean and talk to her but he was terrified so he never got the courage to face her.

He seemed to be blaming himself a lot, depriving his courage to face his heart.

He was afraid that he'd lose the twins, afraid that they won't ever be as close to him as before, afraid that Huo Mian would distance herself from him…

After all, what he had was so rare and fragile…

Realistically speaking, he didn't have an appropriate or suitable identity to Huo Mian and the twins.

Although they called him Uncle Su, he wasn't truly their uncle.

So, Su Yu was faced with a lot of stress, and he began to sink into a spiral of negativity.

"Yu, to be honest, this doesn't sound like you at all anymore…" Wei Liao exclaimed.

"Ever since I met Huo Mian four years ago, I've been starting to become less and less like me…"

Wei Liao remained silent…

Su Yu viewed love too seriously. He was willing to do anything for Huo Mian.

For the past four years, he had done so much for her but was still single. Yet, he had no regrets.

Now, he was protecting Huo Mian's daughters. How many men could be like Su Yu for love?

"You eventually need to get married and have kids… Are you sure you want to continue your stubbornness?" Wei Liao normally wouldn't urge Su Yu to give up Huo Mian because he didn't have a brash and direct personality like Tang Chuan.

That was why Wei Liao tried to put it softly. He wanted Su Yu to face reality and the reality was that no matter how hard Su Yu tried, Huo Mian would not choose to be with him.