Chapter 2182: Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (3)

"It doesn't hurt because Mommy's skills are so advanced that I didn't feel a thing. Also, even though I'm so chubby, Mommy found my veins very quickly! She's really impressive…" Little Bean was a very positive child and the way she talked was rather comical.

Qin Chu couldn't help but smile. "Yes. Mommy is such a great doctor that this is all a piece of cake to her."

"Daddy, I heard that you crashed your car into that bimbo Jian Tong for me and got hurt because of that…"

"I'm fine. It's just some small wounds…" Qin Chu gently assured his daughter that he was fine.

"I know you love me but I want you to take care of yourself too. Please don't let your emotions drive you to make rash decisions that would hurt yourself…" Little Bean acted like an adult, lecturing Qin Chu.

Qin Chu listened patiently and responded, "Daddy wasn't acting rashly. She had done something that hurt you and I had to teach her a lesson."

Then, Little Bean asked, "Daddy, did you really hit Handsome Su?"

"Yeah. Little Bean, are you upset because Daddy hit Su Yu?" Qin Chu asked carefully, as he was a bit scared.

He knew that the twins loved Su Yu very much too so when it came to Su Yu, he was not that confident.

What if she said that she was unhappy, what would he say then?

"First of all, I won't be upset because Daddy hit Handsome Su because I understand that Daddy did it out of his love for me… Everything came so sudden. You and Mommy must have been worried sick about me. Also, I was poisoned in Handsome Su's house so your first reaction was to blame Handsome Su. I think that's very understandable, so I won't be mad because of that."

"Really?" When Qin Chu heard that his daughter didn't blame him for his actions, he was a bit relieved.

"Of course it's real. I don't lie… I just sometimes lick people's boots…" Little Bean stuck out her tongue adorably.

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"Daddy, can you not blame Handsome Su? We know who was really behind everything now so we can't blame Handsome Su for something he didn't do. That bimbo Jian Tong did terrible things and Handsome Su is probably blaming himself for everything. Although his love for me isn't as deep as yours, he still loves me dearly. He really has treated me and Pudding like his own children all these years and we all know it. I don't want there to be any misunderstandings between Mommy and Daddy and Handsome Su because of this."

"I understand. I won't blame him. Everything is over now. When I heard you were poisoned, I punched him because I was very anxious. However, when I found out what had really happened, I wasn't mad at him." Qin Chu was the type that appealed to facts. Even if Little Bean said nothing, he would not blame Su Yu because he was not the one behind this – Jian Tong was. Therefore, he could not let Su Yu take the blame.

"I know my daddy's the world's smartest and greatest man!" Little Bean flashed a smile on her face.

"You sure raise me up high… I haven't even said you can't be so voracious. With food, you have to learn from Pudding. You were lucky this time that your life was not in danger but if something bad happened to you, what position would you put me and your mommy?" Qin Chu lightly pinched Little Bean's face.

"Um… Yeah… I learned my lesson this time. Pudding is right. I'm too much of a foodie. Why was I so stupid to eat the food that bimbo Jian Tong made… But whatever because I'm satisfied with this ending."

"Satisfied with what?" Qin Chu was slightly surprised as he didn't understand his daughter's logic.