Chapter 218: Repent

Chapter 218: Repent
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If Yang Meirong didn't say so today, Huo Mian wouldn't have known about this.

"Rong, I was blinded, perhaps by jealousy back then. Jing De was my chauffeur, how could he be with you? You were my woman. I didn't want others to touch you, and my jealousy blinded me back then. I know that I've treated Jing De wrong."

After all these years, a cold-hearted man like Huo Zhenghai suddenly admitted his crimes and even repented.

Yang Meirong couldn't believe it either; she thought that Huo Zhenghai would order his bodyguards to chase them out after she said all that.

"What's the point in knowing your crimes now? De passed away seven years ago, and there's probably nothing left of him now," Yang Meirong said as she wiped away her tears.

"Mian, you don't want to forgive Dad either?" Huo Zhenghai looked at Huo Mian.

"You must be joking, Uncle Huo, I'm only a little commoner, how could I even have the right to discuss forgiveness with you?"

Huo Mian's words sounded ordinary, but it was truly much more hurtful…

The name, 'Uncle Huo', alone put Huo Zhenghai in great misery…

"Mian, I'm too old now, and there are things that I regret, but everyone was young once and had made mistakes. I hope I get the chance to make it up to you, truly. I've already left shares for you two in the Huo Family if you guys want to come back, I…"

"No need, we don't care for your family shares. Huo Zhenghai, do you really think that money can solve everything, after everything that had happened? If you do, then go live with your money, and… I really hope that Shen Jiani can stay virtuous after you die. Just look at how coquettish she is, you should worry about whether or not she will cuckold you after you die instead of worrying about us. You should also worry about that son and daughter of yours, and whether or not they can survive Jiang Hong's wrath."

Yang Meirong pulled on Huo Mian's hand and turned to walk away just as she finished speaking.

Huo Zhenghai was left full of misery…

After Huo Mian and her mother left, Huo Zhenghai broke a vase in the room and spilled water everywhere.

Yang Meirong was quite formidable, not only were her words fierce, she was also directly on point, picking out what Huo Zhenghai worried about the most.

He didn't even have the heart left to care whether Shen Jiani would find herself a new man; he was most worried about that precious son and daughter of his, and what Jiang Hong and Huo Siqian might do to them.

- Around evening time -

Huo Siqian came to visit, and he peeled an apple for his father with a fruit knife.

"Dad, here, eat the apple." Huo Siqian smiled affectionately.

However, who knew what was hidden behind that affectionate smile?

If you have a pet snake, you will always be in danger of getting bit, and that summed up Huo Zhenghai's situation perfectly. Because he wanted to let Shen Jiani, his son, and daughter into the family back then, he had to negotiate the terms with Jiang Hong. The end deal was that Jiang Hong could adopt a son from her sister, who was Huo Siqian.

During these years, a careless mistake had made Huo Siqian the biggest threat.

In addition, it was impossible to get rid of Siqian now, because on the surface, he had already become the Huo family heir in the public's eye.

He was a famously devoted son within the upper-class circle. If Huo Zhenghai wanted to eat fish in the middle of the night, he would drive out with his yacht to fish.

On the other side, Huo Siyi fooled around, being too busy picking up girls, playing with cars, getting involved in fights, and had amassed plenty of stains on his record. He was known as a useless failure.

Even so, Huo Zhenghai still didn't have the heart to see everything he had conquered fall into the hands of an outsider.

Huo Siqian didn't have the Huo family's blood, regardless of how perfect he was. Plus, his wild ambitions had already surfaced.

It was only a matter of time before this staged father and son relationship collapsed, but it wasn't time for the final confrontation yet.

"How is the company lately?" Huo Zhenghai asked as he took the apple.

"Pretty good."

"I hear there's a product-ordering convention next month in France, and you've arranged Siyi to go."

"Yes, he's old enough and has to take on some responsibilities. He'll start to gradually take care of the company with me." Huo Siqian remained smiling.

However, Huo Zhenghai grew more unsettled at the sight of this, as if there was a ticking time bomb that could explode any moment.

"Siyi is still young and immature, so don't give him anything too important. He still doesn't have the ability yet."

"No, Father, I think Siyi has been keen to learn lately. I think very highly of him."

Huo Zhenghai didn't know what to say, and so he chewed on the apple without another word.

"Dad, I heard my little sister Mian came over today," Huo Siqian said nonchalantly, as he held the sharp fruit knife in his hands.