Chapter 2179: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (30)

"President Su, you're here at the perfect timing. I called you so many times…" Jian Tong's agent looked at Su Yu as if she saw a savior.

When she was about to continue talking, the entrance of the ICU opened up. A doctor and a nurse walked out.

"How's my daughter, Doctor?" Jian Tong's mom cried sorrowfully.

"Miss Jian is heavily injured, her internal organs suffered serious damage, and her ribs were fractured. We have operated on her. In addition, when she got into a car accident, the glass shattered and caused fragments of glass to prick through her body and face. Even though we've already done the repair surgery, she might still have scars on her face. Moreover, the patient's emotion is unstable. We have already injected her with a tranquilizer and we suggest visiting her after twenty-four hours… That'll be everything."

Jian Tong's parents and family members burst into tears after hearing the doctor's words.

The agent also wailed piteously, "Poor Tong Tong… why did she encounter this? She had her assistant book the plane tickets for a vacation in Thailand and got into a car accident… By the way, President Su, do you know that the person who collided into Ms. Jian is…" Before the agent finished talking, Su Yu cut her words off ruthlessly, "I know who he is, you don't need to tell me."

Seeing Su Yu's attitude, the agent paused out of terror and then continued crying, "President Su, you have to help Tong Tong! Even if the GK Corporation is rich, powerful, and influential, they can't bully people like that… It's a crime to attempt to murder someone!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Don't speak nonsense if you don't know the truth. Were you at the scene?" Su Yu asked, furious.

"I…" The agent was caught speechless.

"I will deal with this matter. If you guys accept an interview from the mass media and say nonsense before this, you will take responsibility for the consequences… understood?" Su Yu warned angrily.

"President Su, is there any insider information?" After Jian Tong's parents heard Su Yu's words, they ceased crying and looked at Su Yu in confusion.

"Haha… why don't you ask your precious daughter what she has done after she wakes up?" Su Yu walked away after he finished talking.

Due to Su Yu's order, the news of Jian Tong getting into a car accident was completely blocked.

People who were related to this incident were also under strict surveillance to avoid any leak that would attract public opinion.

When Su Yu heard Jian Tong didn't die, he wanted to question her behavior. When he heard Little Bean describe the course of the event, he wanted to choke Jian Tong to death. He even thought that if Little Bean died, Jian Tong must die to accompany her.

This woman actually could harm a three-year-old kid. She completely lost her humanity.

Su Yu went out of the hospital to buy congee for Little Bean and had been thinking of the same question on the way.

Jian Tong didn't seem like an irrational person. Why would she do things without thinking of the consequences? Did she think Qin Chu and Huo Mian would forgive her after she got happiness temporarily by poisoning Little Bean?

A person could have the chance to elude natural disasters, but he or she couldn't escape his or her sins.

Su Yu knew that no matter if Jian Tong was alive or dead, she was in big trouble. He definitely wouldn't forgive her even if Huo Mian could. It seemed that Qin Chu still went easy when he rammed into her; otherwise, he would've killed her on the spot.

At the ward next door, Qin Chu finally regained consciousness after his wounds were dressed simply, receiving an anti-inflammatory shot before getting some sleep.

"You're awake, Chu. I'll call sis…" Zhixin saw Qin Chu wake up and he ran over immediately to the ward next door to call Huo Mian over.

Huo Mian's eyes were dry and inflamed due to getting no sleep last night.

"How are you feeling, Honey? Does it hurt?"

Qin Chu's lips were pale as he shook his head. "Where's Little Bean?"

"Little Bean is awake and she's fine now. I've done a body check on her. All indicators have recovered back to normal…"

"That's great…" Qin Chu got up slowly.

"Don't move. Lie down and rest up…" Huo Mian reminded him.

"I'm fine… it's not that serious. Our kid is fine too, so let's get out of here. Prepare all the medications we need for IV. We can do it at home. Let's get out of the hospital and go home…" Mr. Qin pulled out the transfusion needle determinedly with his bare hand.

"Honey, are we leaving the hospital now?" Huo Mian was a bit surprised.