Chapter 2178: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (29)

"She's not dead… She's in the ICU right now," Huo Mian said indifferently.

"What do you guys plan to do next? Are you going to kill her?" Gao Ran knew that it wouldn't be a pity if B1tch Jian died more than ten thousand times for what she dared to do to Little Bean.

"To be honest with you, I don't know. My husband will deal with it…" Huo Mian also had no idea regarding this matter.

Even though she also wanted B1tch Jian to die, she wouldn't act so recklessly. Besides, after being hit by Mr. Qin, she was at least half-dead if not dead.

"Great. The important thing now is to take care of Little Bean. You guys really scared the hell out of us…" Zhu Lingling had still not recovered from the fright.

Everybody went to South Side to visit the kid and Qin Chu, only leaving when they saw that they hadn't suffered significant injuries.

Although Su Yu didn't sleep last night and looked emaciated, he refused to leave.

"Go back and sleep, Little Bean is fine now…" Huo Mian rushed him.

"I'm not sleepy. I want to go and accompany her…" Su Yu's voice was hoarse.

"Follow me then…" Huo Mian hesitated for a bit and led Su Yu inside the ward.

Huo Mian's mother left quietly. Little Bean had just woken up, and the flush on her face had faded.

"Mommy… Handsome Su…" Her voice was still soft and fairly easy on the ear.

"How do you feel now, Little Bean?" Su Yu went up, leaned against the bed and held Little Bean's tiny hands.

"My stomach doesn't feel nice… my back also hurts…" Little Bean touched her back while talking.

Huo Mian stopped her by grabbing her hands and soothed her, "Don't be afraid, Baby. Your back hurts because Daddy gave you a shot. Because you had a stomach ache and you might get sick, you need to get an injection and take some medicine later for your own good. Stay strong…"

"I ate something bad… It must've been Bimbo Jian's soup…" Little Bean recalled her memories carefully.

Huo Mian asked, "Little Bean, did you drink it yourself or did she make you drink it? What was the situation at that time?"

Little Bean widened her pretty eyes as she recalled the scene.

She slowly talked about what happened. Huo Mian and Su Yu's faces darkened after hearing the situation.

"She did watch as my daughter drank it… how could she be so vicious?" Huo Mian's heart skipped a beat. She thought Jian Tong was just pretentious and hypocritical and fond of using tricks behind people's back, but she didn't expect her to be so malicious. Even though she didn't tempt Little Bean into drinking the soup, she still watched her drink it. She clearly knew the soup contained aphrodisiacs and let a kid drink it. What was she thinking?

"Little Bean… it's Uncle Su's fault that a villain had a chance to hurt you. Uncle Su will definitely seek justice for you…"

"I am fine, Handsome Su… don't worry about me. I'm always blessed… nothing happened to me when Mommy and I were kidnapped and tied up to bombs. Haha…" Little Bean tried to joke around to ease up the atmosphere.

However, she found out her mommy and Handsome Su's expressions became even more solemn after she finished speaking.

"Mommy, where's Daddy?" Little Bean changed the topic.

"Daddy is tired. He's sleeping in the room beside you," Huo Mian comforted her.

"How about my sis?"

"Your sis is tired as well. She's sleeping at Mommy's office… She'll visit you in a bit. Are you hungry? Do you want some congee?" Huo Mian leaned over to touch her daughter's head and was relieved when she felt that there was no trace of a fever.

"Yes, Mommy. I want to eat minced pork congee with preserved egg and beef xiaolongbao…"

"Baby, you can't eat things that are too oily… You can only eat congee, but you can choose between rice or millet…" Huo Mian told her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Uh… congee tastes the same. Is there a difference between rice or millet? Are you joking with me, Mommy?" Little Bean seemed dissatisfied.

Seeing her being active again, Huo Mian was finally relieved.

"I'll go buy congee for Little Bean…" Su Yu got up and walked away.

Huo Mian saw that his face was dark, and it seemed to be carrying a hint of anger as well…

- In front of the entrance of the ICU -

When Su Yu went over, he found Jian Tong's agent and family members were there as well. A lot of people were in front of the entrance.

"President Su is here…" Everybody was respectful to Su Yu.

"What's going on?" Su Yu asked coldly.