Chapter 2177: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (28)

"Jian Tong warned and even taunted me more than once in private. Of course, you wouldn't be able to see it because she's a different person in front of you. I can somewhat understand her feelings. She thinks I am the biggest obstacle in her pursuit of happiness and a future with you. Pudding and Little Bean were also hostile towards her. After a while of the accumulative hatred, it exploded… Maybe Jian Tong wanted something to happen between you guys when she made you the soup, and she didn't expect my girls to be at your place. In the end, she suddenly had an evil intention. She coaxed, tricked, or even just watched as Little Bean drank the soup that contained aphrodisiacs… No matter what reason it was, she knew what was inside the soup but still watched Little Bean drink it. I can't forgive her for that and won't be benevolent either. You might think Qin Chu is cruel for crashing the car into her, but in my eyes, my husband was mighty at that moment. He's just a father who wants to protect his daughter and a father who demands justice…" Huo Mian said slowly, one word at a time.

"I don't think Qin Chu is cruel. Even if he didn't do that, I would've made her pay for what she did… You are right that her crime was unforgivable. A woman who can poison a child truly has a vicious nature. I think that there was no need for Qin Chu to get himself implicated in the car accident by crashing into her even though he wasn't too seriously injured from it. You're already tired from Little Bean getting poisoned, and now Qin Chu got injured too. How do you get through all these things?" Su Yu felt sorry for Huo Mian at the moment.

"I am fine, really… as long as they are out of danger, I can keep up…" Being extremely worn out, Huo Mian nodded.

Two people chatted for a long time in the hallway.

Su Yu was filled with guilt and kept on blaming himself for being so careless that he allowed Jian Tong to poison Little Bean.

He also blamed himself for not dealing with Jian Tong earlier, allowing her to get to the point where she was able to cause all the chaos.

- 6:00 AM -

Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Liao, Gao Ran, and Zhu Lingling arrived South Side.

Gao Ran gave Qin Chu a call. Huo Mian picked up and described the situation briefly.

Then, the four of them came immediately.

"Oh god, so many things happened in one night. How's Little Bean?" Zhu Lingling was horrified.

"She's fine. My mom's taking care of her. She's not awake yet."

"How about Mr. Qin? How's the condition of his injury?"

"It's not severe, just some internal injuries. He also didn't sleep much last night and fell asleep just now. Zhixin is taking care of him."

"You also didn't sleep last night?" Jiang Xiaowei looked at Huo Mian worriedly.

Huo Mian nodded.

"Mr. Su… Why did you make such a mistake? It's not like you…" Wei Liao looked at Su Yu in disbelief.

It was truly unbelievable that the kid had an accident in Su Yu's house. Su Yu treated the twins as if he was their dad and took care of them meticulously. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If the twins wanted the moon, he wouldn't fetch them the stars.

Yet, the tragic thing was that the incident not only happened at Su Yu's house but also happened because of Su Yu…

"It's my fault, completely mine! If anything happens to Little Bean, I really wouldn't be able to face Mian anymore…"

"It happened already. It's not the time to find out who's accountable for this. Don't take it in too harshly, Mr. Su. It's fortunate that the kids are fine." Jiang Xiaowei understood this type of feeling and didn't want to give Su Yu burdens anymore because she was an expert in psychology.

"Qin Chu is too reckless this time. How could he crash his car into someone? He should've found someone else to do it…" Gao Ran frowned and asked Huo Mian, "How's Jian Tong? Is she dead or not?"