Chapter 2175: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (26)

"Miss Jian, all of a sudden? Don't you have to be a guest on a show tomorrow?" The assistant was confused.

"I'm not feeling well and don't want to do anything. Help me check if you can get me a first-class seat… the sooner the better. I want to and must leave as soon as possible." Jian Tong's mood was slightly agitated.

"Okay, please wait. I'll call you back in a bit." The assistant started looking for an air ticket according to Jian Tong's request.

After Jian Tong finished talking on the phone, she immediately went upstairs to grab a suitcase and started packing.

She randomly grabbed a few skirts and some daily supplies and rushed downstairs.

The assistant called at the same time. "Miss Jian, I found a flight that's leaving at six in the morning. Is it too rush?"

"No, I'll take this flight. I'll head to the airport right now."

"In such a hurry?" The assistant was confused. It was indeed a journey without a plan at midnight.

The assistant booked a first-class seat for Jian Tong hastily and sent the itinerary to her WeChat.

Jian Tong dragged her luggage and left her place at midnight, hopping onto her white Lamborghini.

After driving her sports car out of the community shortly, she saw strong headlights piercing from across her…

Qin Chu drove towards the villa after he received the address.

Upon arriving outside of Jian Tong's villa, he saw a white Lamborghini.

Because Jian Tong's cell phone number, home address, and license plate were within the information Gao Ran passed on to him, Qin Chu was capable of distinguishing Jian Tong's car.

"You want to run? Humph…" Qin Chu's face darkened as he accelerated and rushed over.

Jian Tong didn't even see the person and the car model on the other end and heard an explosive sound.

The two cars collided with each other ferociously and made a loud noise.

The force impact was very strong because Qin Chu was the one that rammed actively.

Both parties' safety airbag sprang out, but because Jian Tong was on the passive side, at the moment the car was destroyed, she felt her body was stinging as if her internal organs were being flipped around before she passed out.

Qin Chu also suffered from internal injuries. He endured the sharp pain and got out of the car.

He spat out a gulp of blood before walking over to check on Jian Tong's condition.

The Lamborghini was smashed into pieces in a terrible and unrecognizable condition.

The woman on the driver's seat was covered with fragments of glass and was bleeding.

Qin Chu looked at the surroundings coldly.

He should've struck again and sent Jian Tong to hell directly.

Yet, he thought that would let her off lightly. It might be a better option that she could neither live nor die.

After all, this woman was malicious enough to poison his Little Bean with aphrodisiacs. It was a matter that could not be forgiven.

Because they were in a rich community, police officers and an ambulance immediately rushed over after the accident happened.

Qin Chu and Jian Tong were both sent to the nearby South Side.

Huo Mian was very worried when she heard Qin Chu was also injured.

She ran quickly to the emergency room.

"Darling… how do you feel?" Huo Mian's face was pale when she saw Qin Chu being so exhausted. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Many things had happened tonight, and she really couldn't take any more bad news.

"I'm fine… I avenged Little Bean…" Qin Chu said wearily.

Huo Mian was overcome by sadness and hugged Qin Chu tightly.

"Honey... you scared me…" The words were followed by Huo Mian's heartbreaking weep.

"I'm fine, don't cry…" Qin Chu held Huo Mian gently with his bloody hand and soothed her.

Huo Mian notified the family and mother and Zhixin came over. One took care of Little Bean and Pudding, and the other took care of the injured Qin Chu.

After everything was settled down, the sun had already risen.

Huo Mian came out from the ward with red eyes and an exhausted body.

Su Yu was waiting in the corridor, and he looked at Huo Mian with guilt and said softly, "I'm sorry, Mian…"