Chapter 2169: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (20)

When she first saw what was going on, Jian Tong wanted to stop Little Bean, or at least knock over that bowl of soup. After all, her original intention was to get Su Yu to drink it and find a chance to trick him into bed.

She never thought that the twins would be sleeping over and that Little Bean was going to take a sip of her spiked soup.

Jian Tong really should've stopped her, but at that very moment, she hesitated. She even wanted to do them harm… Jian Tong had always detested Little Bean and Pudding. Moreover, she thought of that pretentious mother of theirs, Huo Mian, and her head filled with even more hatred.

Huo Mian seemed to have everything without needing to work for it. Jian Tong, however, had been working hard for years but her only wish of dating Su Yu was as far as could be.

In the past, Huo Mian stood before them and now, the twins kept blocking her way. At this thought, Jian Tong felt like she was going to burst into anger, so she hesitated.

However, at that moment, Little Bean had already swallowed that spoonful of soup.

The truth was Jian Tong's hours of hard work paid off because the soup actually tasted really good. But would Little Bean still be Little Bean if she admitted that it was good?

With a giant frown on her face, Little Bean complained, "It's disgusting. This isn't soup, this is warm water."

By then, Jian Tong began to panic, and she didn't say a word… She was only thinking about revenge a few seconds ago, but she forgot about an important thing – if something really happened to Little Bean, not only would Su Yu kill her, so would Huo Mian and Qin Chu…

Therefore, she quickly snapped back to reality and carefully observed Little Bean. "H-how are you feeling? Are you okay?"

"Of course I'm not okay, your soup is disgusting, and I just want to puke… Just leave, Handsome Su would never drink it, and we'll never leave you alone with him. Just give up…"

Out of sheer fear; Jian Tong immediately stood up and picked up her bag. Little Bean was right – their presence guaranteed that her plan will fail, no matter what she did.

"Wait, take your soup home with you," Little Bean pointed at the soup and added.

Jian Tong quickly turned around, picked up her pot of soup and ran out of the mansion without even saying goodbye to Su Yu. She was petrified.

Upstairs, Pudding was talking to Su Yu. Truth be told, she didn't have a fever. Just now, one of the nannies heard a noise downstairs and the twins weren't asleep yet, so they went out of their rooms to see Jian Tong walk into Su Yu's mansion.

Therefore, the twins decided to lie about Pudding being sick, which was supposed to stall Su Yu, giving Little Bean time to chase Jian Tong away.

In Pudding's mind, this was an extremely easy mission, but the fact that Little Bean drank that soup caused so much unnecessary trouble.

"Handsome Su, did you ask Bimbo Jian to come at this hour?"

"Of course not!" Su Yu denied it immediately.

"But how big are her guts to come in the middle of the night… Or are you the one that's needing a woman?"

"Ahem, your Uncle Su is still a picky guy, okay? Plus, how old am I to want women all the time?" Su Yu hasn't touched any woman in ages… He was so obsessed over Huo Mian that he lost all lust towards others. Even when he couldn't take it anymore, he would never sleep with anyone. After all, his hands were his best friends.

"Good… stay away from her, she's too manipulative, it's all an act," Pudding reminded.

"Mhm, you mentioned that a lot of times, I remember." Su Yu smiled.

"Good… I'm sure Little Bean's already chased her away, you should go get some sleep."

Before Su Yu could get up and say goodnight to Pudding, Little Bean pushed open their bedroom door and stumbled in. She had been feeling dizzy ever since she began climbing the stairs.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Handsome Su, I'm burning up…" Little Bean mumbled; her cheeks were flushed and her footsteps were weak – she looked like she was drunk.

Su Yu turned around, dumbfounded by Little Bean's red face. He ran up to her and picked her up. "Little Bean, what's wrong?"