Chapter 2167: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (18)

"It's late, you didn't have to do that." Su Yu's answer was distant.

Jian Tong, however, obviously wasn't ready to leave. She cutely stuck out her tongue. "Can I come in? it's really cold outside… I came here in a hurry and forgot to turn on the heat inside my car. My hands are freezing."

"Sure…" Upon hearing what Jian Tong said, Su Yu felt bad for making her stand outside, so he opened his door to let her in.

Jian Tong was always super excited whenever she visited Su Yu's mansion, and she constantly fantasized herself as the future Mrs. Su. After walking inside, she carefully placed the soup on his coffee table. "President Su, have some while it's hot."

"Put it here first, I've been drinking beer and feel a little bloated." Su Yu didn't outright reject her, but he wasn't at all interested in her soup.

Jian Tong went onto a different topic. "You like basketball?"


"Who's your favorite player? I love Kobe…" Jian Tong smiled on purpose, leaving Su Yu speechless. "I'm actually watching a Chinese game…"

Upon hearing this, Jian Tong coughed unnaturally before falling silent.

"Um, what else can I help you with?" Su Yu asked, wondering why Jian Tong wasn't leaving.

"Oh, right, I wanted to talk to you this afternoon about work, but it seemed like the twins really don't like me, so I didn't have a chance… Here's the thing, I was wondering if you could lighten up my schedule and cancel my out-of-town engagements… I don't want to go abroad so often either. I'm not that young anymore, and I want to spend more time with my parents, so I was wondering if I could get your permission on this matter…" Jian Tong said slowly as she closely observed Su Yu's expression.

Su Yu's response was calm. "Sure, it's not a problem… Imperial Star has a lot of female artists, so if you want to take a break, I can always give other rookies a chance. Plus, you've worked hard over the last few years, so I'm okay with you taking some time off. The company won't cut back your salary, and the company's fine with it as long as you know that this is your own choice and that the company's not trying to bury you."

"Of course, I would never think that! You've taken such great care of me, President Su, and thank you so much for giving me time off," Jian Tong beamed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Is that all?" Su Yu asked.

"Oh, there's another thing… I heard Nie Lingxuan's injuries are pretty serious, so I was wondering if I could take over some of her makeup advertisement gigs… The rookies at the company can't handle something so big yet, so if she can't go back to work anytime soon, I can take over. What do you think?"

"I've talked to her, she's almost fully healed so it won't affect her work… so I can't agree to this. Plus, you have a lot of endorsement deals under your belt already and she doesn't, so if I give her work to you, she might be unhappy… Take a step back where you can. I don't care what happens between you guys, but I hope you guys can be professional."

"President Su, nothing happened between us. After all, we're not on the same level, and she was just a waitress pouring tea when I was already a big celebrity... Haha, I just really like the brand she signed with," Jian Tong immediately explained.

Su Yu didn't respond; he picked up a can of beer from the coffee table and went back to watching TV.

"President Su, if you don't try my soup, then I would've made it for nothing… I handpicked the bones for the broth and stewed them for more than three hours…" Jian Tong looked sadly down at her soup with puppy-dog eyes.

To make her shut up and leave, Su Yu was just about to bend forward and take a sip of her soup when they heard a voice behind them.

"Handsome Su…"