Chapter 2166: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (17)

"Um, wait, why do I have to talk to Mommy? We all know Daddy's easier to convince. You're basically digging a hole for me to jump into." Normally, Little Bean seemed like a careless little girl. However, her head spun extremely fast at times like this, and therefore she immediately suspected her sister's intentions.

"You're right, Daddy's easier to convince, but you're good at kissing Mommy's ass… it's hard for someone with my personality to reason with Mommy… Not only is it a waste of time, we might end up in an argument. You, on the other hand, are good at playing cute and all that, so Mommy will never say no to you. Daddy's more reasonable so I'm golden as long as I analyze the situation. We have our own shortcuts, so why wouldn't we take them?"

"Um… you seem to have a point, I'm at a loss for words…"

After being convinced by Pudding, they each walked out of the room with their cellphones and made phone calls to Huo Mian and Qin Chu.

Su Yu and An, on the other hand, watched them as if they were watching some Hollywood blockbuster.

Three minutes later, the twins both sat back onto their seats.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"What did your mommy say?" Su Yu was a little worried about Huo Mian's possible reaction, so he asked Little Bean first.

"Easy as pie. I told her Uncle Su really wants us to stay the night, and that a single guy like him is constantly lonely so we'll light up his evening. I told her we'll play chess, eat snacks, and watch TV with you… That's about it. Mommy understands your situation and agreed immediately," Little Bean said, obviously proud of what she was able to accomplish.

Su Yu felt like he had been struck by lightning…

"But Little Bean, am I really that lonely?" Su Yu was at a loss for words; the twins were the ones who wanted to stay, but Little Bean here used his loneliness as an excuse to get Huo Mian to agree… What kind of world was he living in?!

"Little Bean, you really are a genius…" For the first time in a long time, Pudding gave her sister a compliment.

"What about you, Sis? What did Daddy say?" Little Bean smiled at Pudding.

"Daddy's a smart guy, he agreed as soon as I asked him. He said he knows I have a hundred reasons for him to agree, so he decided to save himself some time."

"Haha, he really is our dad! His train of thought is exactly like ours!" Little Bean clapped triumphantly.

"Your family of four sure are weird…" Su Yu exclaimed.

"So it's decided then… Daddy said our nannies will come to your mansion tonight…" Pudding looked at Su Yu.

Little Bean, on the other hand, suddenly thought of something. She blinked her giant eyes. "So, Handsome Su, what are we having for dinner?"

"Um, didn't we just finish eating lunch?" Su Yu was speechless.

An, who was quietly listening to their conversation, was also astonished by how smart and cute the twins were.

That afternoon, the twins hung out with Su Yu in his office the entire time, giving Jian Tong zero opportunity to talk to him about work.

However, the more the twins tried to interfere, the more Jian Tong wanted to get near Su Yu. She hoped that one day, she would teach these girls a lesson as Su Yu's girlfriend – to her, Huo Mian was a bitch, but the twins were even bigger bitches. 

- 10 PM that night -

The nannies had bathed the twins and changed them into nightgowns. They were just about to go to bed when Su Yu's doorbell rang.

Su Yu, who was downstairs drinking beer and watching basketball, stood up to open the door.

"President Su, I couldn't fall asleep so I made some soup… It smelled really good and I knew you like this flavor, so I wanted to bring you some… I drove really fast, the soup should still be hot." Jian Tong was wearing a thin dress and had delicate makeup on. She held a small pot in her hands.

Su Yu didn't say anything and looked at her with a complicated expression on his face. It was 10 PM, it was obvious that she wasn't here to bring him soup…