Chapter 2164: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (15)

Everyone knew that Pudding and Little Bean didn't like Jian Tong.

The latter, on the other hand, felt embarrassed, since the twins were down-right rejecting her in front of Su Yu. Therefore, she smiled awkwardly. "Oh… if that's the case, you guys should go eat. President Su, let's talk later."

Upon hearing this, Su Yu nodded, satisfied with her decision. Then, he and the twins headed towards the elevator with An following close behind.

The four of them went to a Korean, tatami-style restaurant.

The twins sat on one side while Su Yu and An sat on the other. It was quite a formal setting.

After the dishes were served, the four of them chatted as they enjoyed their meal. An talked about work with Su Yu, while the twins listened carefully without saying a thing.

After lunch, Pudding picked up a napkin and wiped off the corners of her lips. "Handsome Su, I have an important question I want to ask you."

"Sure," Su Yu added.

"I wanted my Auntie to end up with you, but Uncle Tang ended up snatching her. Are you really okay with that?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Oh, that's what you want to talk about?" Su Yu smiled.

Little Bean added unhappily, "Handsome Su, I didn't want to say anything, but you suck at picking up girls! Look at Uncle Tang and then look at yourself! You're a night and day difference! Girls will never fall for a dull guy like you."

Su Yu: "…"

An: "…"

"The problem is that your auntie is not my type… Tang Chuan asked me about this. We're best friends, so he would never steal the girl I liked. He really did ask me if I was okay with him chasing Qin Ning, and I was because I really didn't feel anything towards her… So if Tang Chuan did, who am I to stop him?"

Su Yu's mentioned this before, but the twins refused to let up. Therefore, he explained the situation to them again.

Tang Chuan kissing Qin Ning that night made them the hottest topic of the evening. When Su Yu got home that night, even Wei Liao messaged him about it, asking how he felt.

The truth was, Su Yu didn't feel anything. That evening, the only thing playing in his mind was Huo Mian being all lovey-dovey with Qin Chu, and how jealous it made him.

When he saw Tang Chuan kiss Qin Ning, not only was he completely nonchalant, he was actually happy for his bro.

Su Yu had loved Huo Mian for more than four years… they had been through so much together, so it was going to be extremely hard for any woman to walk into his heart. Perhaps everyone thought he and Qin Ning would make a good couple, and that was why everyone tried to set them up. Unfortunately, love wasn't so simple.

If being a good match meant that two people had to end up together, single men and women would not exist in this world, and it would be peace on earth.

"Fine then, I guess you really don't like my auntie…" Pudding said, a little disappointed.

"Forget it, Sis, fate is magical… We can't decide who Handsome Su likes, it's up to his heart… Back then, when Handsome Su fell for Mommy, people probably wondered why a man like him would like an ordinary-looking nurse… But that's love, it can't be explained," Little Bean tried to console her sister; she seemed more open-minded when it came to Su Yu's relationship status.

"You're right… let bygones be bygones. It doesn't matter what happens between Uncle Tang and Auntie Qin… the point is, she's not the one for Handsome Su. Handsome Su… the truth is, we want you to live a happy life. Can you do that for us?" Pudding asked as she stared at Su Yu with a serious expression on her face.