Chapter 2162: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (13)

"Y-y-you… why are you here?" Qin Ning stuttered out of surprise. What in the world?! Never in her right mind would she have expected to see Tang Chuan sitting next to her on an airplane headed for the United States!

"I-I-I… I'm here for my birthday present," Tang Chuan copied Qin Ning's stutter.

"Seriously? You could've just come to the airport, why board the plane?" Qin Ning was completely flabbergasted by Tang Chuan's actions.

"Because I want to go to Los Angeles… Truth be told, I've been to Disneyland at least two dozen times, but I really wanted to go again all of a sudden."

"Um, fine, you win." In the end, Qin Ning admitted defeat; after all, Tang Chuan had already boarded the plane – how was she supposed to chase him off?

"Where's my birthday present?" Tang Chuan reached out his hand in a thick-faced manner.

Qin Ning, who was sitting beside him, opened her handbag, took out a small box and threw it at him. "It's right here, now I don't owe you a present anymore…"

After opening the box, Tang Chuan looked at the pair of cufflinks from every angle, as happy as could be. He even exclaimed on deliberately, "Wow, it's so expensive… Miss Qin, you're so rich! Can I be your sugar baby?"

Qin Ning was speechless.

Tang Chuan: "Come on, let me be your sugar baby, I'm good looking, amazing in bed, and not at all clingy."

Qin Ning: "Believe me when I say that if you keep acting like this, I'm going to ask my bodyguards to throw you off the plane."

Tang Chuan: "I believe you."

Qin Ning originally thought that her 12-hour flight was going to be extremely boring, but Tang Chuan showed up out of her expectations and stirred everything up. No wonder he didn't come say goodbye at the airport – he had this surprise planned for her.

It didn't matter why Tang Chuan decided to come to the States; his appearance was a pleasant surprise for Qin Ning. At least she didn't have to sit through this long flight by herself…

- Back at home, at Imperial Star Headquarters -

Su Yu and An had been waiting outside the company.

The other employees thought that some huge client was visiting, because why else would President Su be waiting outside this entire time?

Su Yu kept looking down at his watch, mumbling to himself, "Is there a traffic jam? They should be here by now."

"Don't worry, President Su, President Qin is driving the twins over himself. they'll be fine."

"Mhm, I know."

An wanted to come downstairs himself, but President Su would never allow that. That was how both of them ended up standing outside for the last ten minutes.

Not far away, a white Maybach slowly drove up and parked outside Imperial Star Headquarters. Su Yu immediately walked up to open the door to the back seat, carefully carrying Pudding and Little Bean off the car.

Qin Chu didn't get off; he rolled down his car window. "Call me if you're busy, and I'll get someone to pick them up."

"I'm fine, there's not much to do today. They can hang out here." Su Yu smiled.

Qin Chu nodded. "Thanks."

It was normal for this man to speak as few words as possible…

"It's not a problem…"

After a polite exchange, Su Yu led the twins into his company.

Pudding and Little Bean were wearing identical outfits today – black leggings, white snow boots, and red capes with tassels.

Their hair was down and they were each wearing a black beret. The twins sure looked cute.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Almost everyone in the company knew that the twins were like daughters to Su Yu; the newer employees who didn't know who they were even thought that the twins were here to film some sort of commercial.

Su Yu took the twins straight to his office. As soon as they went in, Little Bean began acting cute. "Handsome Su, I want macarons…"