Chapter 2160: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (11)

"Woah, it's beautiful…" Tang Chuan's eyes lit up; truth be told, he had countless cufflinks, but he was especially excited about these since they were a gift from Qin Ning.

"How about I… go and pick them up now?" Tang Chuan asked, half-jokingly.

"Right now? Forget it… it's too late for you to come, and it'll wake up my big brother and sis-in-law… How's this, I'm heading to the airport tomorrow and the twins and Chu are dropping me off. I'll give the cufflinks to Pudding to give to you. After all, they hang out with Su Yu a lot."

"That sounds like a hassle… How about I pick them up in the States some time?" Tang Chuan offered.

"You want to come to pick them up in the States? You're kidding me, right? How about I give them to Mian? She can courier them to you…"

"Miss Qin, do you really want to courier something so expensive to me? Aren't you afraid someone's going to steal them on the way? Use your brain!" Tang Chuan laughed.

"Okay then… Anyways, I'm going to leave them at my big brother's house for them to give to you."

"I said I didn't want that, keep them with you… I always go to the States so I'll pick them up in person," Tang Chuan insisted.

In the end, Qin Ning compromised. "Okay then, I'll keep them with me, call me when you come to the States. I live in Los Angeles and usually travel between Los Angeles and New York. Call me when you get here."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Mhm, I'm going to bed now, it's been a long day… I might not be able to wake up in time to send you off tomorrow."

"Okay." Although Qin Ning and Tang Chuan didn't have anything extra going on, she was still a bit disappointed to hear that he wouldn't be sending her off at the airport.

Qin Ning wondered if men were all so fickle – he stopped courting her as soon as he kissed her.

Qin Ning placed down her phone and pulled up the corners of her comforter. However, she wasn't sleepy at all.

After the twins came home, their grandma took them upstairs for a bath and then they went to bed. 

Huo Mian could therefore relax, and after she and Qin Chu showered, the two of them climbed into bed.

"Honey, what in the world do you think happened today?" Huo Mian was still bewildered by the events of the day.

"You mean Tang Chuan and Ning?" Qin Chu asked as he placed his arm around her.

Huo Mian nodded. "Mhm, it's really weird… It's fine for Tang Chuan to mess around with us, but was it a good idea for him to call Ning-Ning his fiancée in front of all those people? What if other people think they're getting married for the family business?"

"So what if they do? It's not a bad thing for us since the Tang Corporation has a lot of assets… I actually want us to cooperate. As for their personal business, I still think they should see how things go. Why? Do you have anything against Tang Chuan?" Qin Chu traced a finger down Huo Mian's face with a smile, trying to guess what his wife was thinking.

To his surprise, Huo Mian said in all seriousness. "I really don't. Although Tang Chuan can sometimes be really liberal with his words, and he even accused me of being heartless with Su Yu, I understand his actions and even appreciate him for doing that… He's best buddies with Su Yu so it's natural for him to stand up for his friend… It just means he's someone who values his personal relationships. Plus, Tang Chuan and I never fought about anything else, and he even helped our family when GK was in a crisis… I owe him a lot, so… I really don't have anything against him. I've always treated him like a good friend, and I always call him over when we have gatherings. He also sends me red pocket money during the holidays… However, what he did today was really reckless… What if Qin Ning can't take it? Plus, if they're really dating, it will be full-on long distance… From what I see right now, Ning-Ning's not coming back to China, and her dad still needs her help around the company. How long do you think they'd even last?" Huo Mian said worriedly, but Qin Chu chuckled at her remarks.

"Why are you laughing? This is a serious conversation!" Huo Mian glanced at Qin Chu with a confused look on her face.