Chapter 2159: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (10)

Since Qin Ning was so deadly serious, Tang Chuan decided to respond seriously this time as well.

He pulled down his necktie and took off his shirt to lie on his sofa.

He was leaning in a corner and gave a lot of thought into the answer.

Then he responded, "The past is something that built me and I value it. Yet, I don't want to go back in time."

This answer had somewhat surprised Qin Ning but she was very satisfied with it.

She suddenly admired Tang Chuan's state of mind.

If he said he had forgotten about Jin Ying as if she was a stranger to him now, she would not believe him. After all, she had wounded him deeply. From earlier tonight, Tang Chuan had a big reaction when he saw Jin Ying and everyone was there to witness that.

If he said he hadn't forgotten about her, Qin Ning might've felt used because he had kissed her tonight.

Tang Chuan had not really missed Jin Ying all this time. After all, he respected himself too much to be that degrading.

Tang Chuan's answer was a bit romantic. It inferred that he really did love her when they were together.

However, he emphasized that it was all in the past. He wasn't holding onto the past and he would never forgive what she had done to him or go back to her. 

Qin Ning suddenly thought Tang Chuan's answer was rather manly.

Tang Chuan asked Qin Ning after she didn't respond, "Um… Young Madam Qin, are you satisfied with my answer."

"It's okay."

"Okay? So you are not 100% satisfied with my answer?" Tang Chuan scoffed.

"What do you think?" Qin Ning sent a sticker with its tongue sticking out.

Tang Chuan suddenly realized something, so he sent her a voice message asking, "Where's my birthday present?"

"Oh no… Crap... It's still in my bag…" Qin Ning suddenly remembered.

Tang Chuan had a list of the presents he received. He had someone count and list out what he had received and from whom.

Tang Chuan profited from his birthday parties. Even with a lavish lifestyle, he wouldn't be able to use up his gifts in a year.

His family would give him luxury cars and houses because they wanted his father to like them.

Celebrities who worked with the Tang Corporation would gift him jewelry.

Tang Chuan's friends would also get him a lot of expensive stuff that could pile into a mountain. 

The things that Su Yu, Wei Liao, and Qin Chu gave him were all worth over 5 million. If an ordinary person saw these things, it would blow them out of their minds.

When Tang Chuan came home, he was holding onto the list of presents. However, no matter how hard he looked, he couldn't see Qin Ning's name.

So this girl came empty-handed? He was a little disappointed...

He would happily accept anything she gave him, even if it was a bowl of stinky tofu, he would eat it with tears rolling down his face.

To his disappointment, she did not give him anything. She had totally forgotten about it until he reminded her.

She had wanted to give it to him, but after that forced kiss, all she could think about was beating Tang Chuan up.

She had totally forgotten that the present was still in her bag.

"So it's in your bag still… Fine, you win…" Tang Chuan was speechless.

Qin Ning grabbed her bag and took a delicate small box out.

She carefully opened it, revealing a pair of delicate diamond cufflinks. It was a custom order from a luxury brand.

Qin Ning had spent at least 200 thousand on it…

Qin Ning was scared that Tang Chuan didn't believe her so she took a picture of it and sent it to him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Here's the present I got you… You think I'd go to your party and just eat free food and leave?" Qin Ning said.