Chapter 2151: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (2)

Qin Chu reciprocated by holding on to Huo Mian's hand tightly and tenderly.

In a soft and loving voice, he said, "Of course. Thank you Doctor Huo for giving me such beautiful twins. I feel very happy and grateful to you…"

After hearing that, Huo Mian immediately felt touched and subconsciously leaned onto his shoulder.

"Oh my… they're flaunting their love again…" Zhu Lingling complained.

Jiang Xiaowei held onto Wei Liao's hand and leaned on his shoulder too. She said, "Good thing that my husband's here so I don't have to single-sidedly take this PDA."

"You two sure aren't good friends… Hmph…" Zhu Lingling scolded.

Su Yu and Qin Ning both looked over to Huo Mian and Qin Chu.

Qin Ning suddenly remembered how Su Yu had feelings for Huo Mian. She said to Su Yu, "My sis-in-law sure loves my big bro…"

She saw a spark of pain in Su Yu's eyes. However, he said with a smile, "Yes, Qin Chu is a lucky man."

He didn't sound like he was jealous of Qin Chu. Rather, Su Yu aspired for such love.

"In fact, you would meet someone too, as long as you're willing to forgo your past and start over…" For some reason, Qin Ning pitied Su Yu.

"Haha… Maybe. However, I enjoy how it is now. I'm satisfied with my current life…" Su Yu turned back to the stage and focused on the twins' performance. 

Huo Mian was inundated in her world of happiness: there were her daughters, and there was her husband. Never did she expect her life to be so fulfilled.

She recalled a viral post on WeChat and said, "Did you guys hear? If a woman loves a man, she should give him a daughter. That way, even when he's 60 years old, there will be someone to scold him and act cute around him. She will buy him shoes and wine and help him light up his cigarette, as well as watch the evening news with him. If a woman hates a guy, she should give him a son. That way, the son will slam the table, throw things around, and ask for a house, a car, and money… He'll demand a wife… If the hate is very intense, then she should give the man she hates so much two sons."

Qin Ning burst into laughter when Huo Mian finished her story.

"Sis-in-Law, why are you so hilarious?" Qin Ning couldn't stop her laughter.

"It's not me. This is from a viral post…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You're just bullying me… How dare you… I only have a son… Hmph…" Jiang Xiaowei pretended to be mad.

"Oh my… If my Director Gao heard this, he'd probably be so devastated that he would go in the washroom and cry alone…" Zhu Lingling said.

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian and said calmly, "Honey, send that to me. I need to share that post on my WeChat."

Zhu Lingling: "…"

Jiang Xiaowei: "…"

Huo Mian: "…"

Qin Ning: "I sure don't know how my big bro does so much PDA…"

"Huo Mian, remember that! If you ever have a son, I will remind you of this episode…" Zhu Lingling said.

"When I have a third child, this post would be outdated. Also, I already have two daughters so even if I have a son, my daughters will still be there. They will always be our little angels. Better yet, we can each have our own little angel… Hahaha…" Huo Mian said proudly. Then she stuck out her tongue and made a contented face at her friends.

Jiang Xiaowei looked at Wei Liao with tender eyes and said, "Honey, when we go home, let's create a daughter."

"Honey, what if it's another son?"

Wei Liao's unconfident response made everyone burst into laughter.

All of a sudden, someone shouted, "Tang Chuan, your third aunt and uncle are here."

Everyone looked towards that direction. Qin Ning realized how Tang Chuan's smile vanished from his face.