Chapter 2150: You Are Going to Accompany Me Even If I Die (1)

"Fine, fine, fine… Who dares to not listen to Mr. Su?"

Tang Chaun didn't even dare to look at Qin Ning after Su Yu shouted at him. Instead, he turned towards the stage and watched the twins.

The twins were standing on the center of the stage.

Very calmly, they introduced themselves, "Hello. We are the daughters of the GK Corporation's CEO Qin Chu and his wife Huo Mian. My name is Qin Zhaozhao and I'm three years old."

"Hello. My name is Qin Mumu and I'm also three years old."

"We are twins," the sisters said simultaneously.

The audience found this very cute and gave them a large round of applause. 

Huo Mian licked her lips as she watched her daughters on stage. At that moment, she was a proud mother.

Qin Chu put down his phone and gazed with focus at the stage. His eyes were filled with tender love.

Pudding said, "Today is a very special day."

Little Bean said, "Yes indeed. It's Handsome Su's best friend, Uncle Tang Chuan's birthday!"

Pudding said, "We want to give him a special gift."

Little Bean said, "He would like this for sure. After all, we have poured our heart and soul into the present."

The audience burst into laughter.

Qin Ning also covered her mouth with her hand as she laughed vehemently. 

"Aren't my Pudding and Little Bean great?" Su Yu was like a proud father, wanting to show off his beloved twins to the whole world.

Tang Chuan couldn't resist how adorable the twins were so he kept clapping his hands.

Pudding said, "We are representing our whole family, representing the GK Corporation. We wish Uncle Tang a happy birthday. We also wish everyone here happiness and wealth."

Little Bean said, "Music please."

A familiar tune started playing. This was the music for a well-known Chinese song from the early 2000s. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The name of the song was "Next Stop: Tin Hau."

Twins was a well-known band made of two girls from Hong Kong and they were rather popular.

No one would have guessed that the pair of three-year-old twins would choose such an emotional song.

The audience was made up of many people born in the 70s to 90s and many of them started singing along.

When Pudding opened her mouth to sing, she dazzled everyone with her angelic voice.

More importantly, her Cantonese pronunciation was impeccable and her sense of rhythm was very accurate.

Huo Mian was quite proud of the twins. She thought that she didn't waste money having the twins take piano lessons.

Little Bean was also great at singing. Compared to her sister, Little Bean's voice was softer, yet both voices were angelic.

The whole audience was hyped up right at the start of the party. Tang Chuan had not expected it to be this successful.

Qin Ning was rather touched by the singing. She started mumbling to herself, "My nieces are so great, so great…"

"They love singing and can sing many songs. They can sing 'Let It Go' in nine languages and each version sounds incredible. Don't be dazzled just by that…" Su Yu said proudly with his arms crossed.

"Wow, Mian, look how great my future daughters-in-law are… They can become singers!" Zhu Lingling exclaimed.

Huo Mian smiled and said, "Now you say they're your daughters-in-law? Didn't someone say they didn't want to abide by that agreement anymore and wanted to get a refund?"

"No, no… If my son doesn't marry one of them, then it would be our great loss. How can I not want such incredible daughters-in-law! Gao Ran said that it's too tiring to be in the government so our Boyuan can just go into business at his father-in-law's GK Corporation!" 

"Gao Ran sure dreams big…" Qin Chu faintly commented.

"Hahaha…. We always wanted our kids to get married. You knew it from the start…" Zhu Lingling started chuckling.

Right then, Huo Mian quietly held onto Qin Chu's hand and asked him, "Chu, aren't you proud of our daughters right now?"