Chapter 2148: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (19)

If Pudding didn't mention it, they wouldn't have noticed. Qin Chu and Huo Mian immediately looked over to the direction Pudding pointed at.

It was Qin Ning. She was in a short black cocktail dress with red heels and she held a luxury brand purse in her hand. Her makeup was light and elegant.

She looked like a queen, distant yet beautiful. 

"Yeah, she does look like Ning-Ning," Huo Mian said.

Just then, Qin Ning saw them as well, so she quickly walked over. 

"Big Brother, Sis-in-Law… Hey, you two! Haha, good evening."

"Auntie, shouldn't you be in the air right now?" Little Bean asked curiously. 

"Haven't you guys heard the news yet? Due to heavy snowfall, the flight was canceled. It got delayed to the day after tomorrow…" Qin Ning said helplessly.

"Nope. We were in the mall the whole day so we didn't notice the snow," Huo Mian said.

"So that's why Auntie came to Uncle Tang's birthday all dressed up?" Pudding said while giggling.

"Did you call your dad to tell him that your flight got canceled yet?" Qin Chu asked as he was worried about the American side of the business.

"Yeah, I told him that my flight got canceled because of the weather. He understands…" Qin Ning nodded. 

"That's weird though. The sky was so clear earlier. Well, it worked out great cause you can stay for two more days. Let's go in together…" Huo Mian said. Then, she held onto Qin Ning's arm so they could go together. 

Tang Chuan was surprisingly low key today; he wore a deep blue suit with a bracelet length shirt. His pants were also seven-eighth pants, the type currently in style. At the end of the day, he was young and dressed like it. Also, young people can wear anything and they'll manage to pull it off.

As 6:00 PM approached, the hotel started to get crowded as more guests arrived. Tang Chuan even said he was going to go low-key this time, but it still turned out to be pretty huge. 

The media was there and so was the celebrity circle. Many of his family members were also there. This was in no sense the "low key" that Tang Chuan had promised.

Other than Tang Chuan's father and second uncle, his other relatives all came as well. 

Tang Chuan was busy greeting his guests. Then, he suddenly saw Qin Chu and his group. Tang Chuan immediately walked over to greet them.

"Welcome, President Qin, Doctor Huo… Oh… The twins are as adorable as always. You two also look especially pretty!"

Tang Chuan kneeled down and gently pinched Little Bean and Pudding's cheeks.

Then he looked over at Qin Ning with a smile and said, "You look very pretty in that dress."

"Thank you…" Qin Ning never enjoyed small talk. Just like many of her family members, she was a proud and cool character.

"Come in, everyone! The shows are about to get started. Then, dinner will start at eight… Su Yu and Wei Liao are already inside. Xiaowei is almost here. She's just picking up Yunchu…" Tang Chuan said with a smile.

Huo Mian nodded.

The whole family but Qin Ning walked in. Tang Chuan had pulled her so she'd stay behind.

"Ning-Ning, don't go, wait! There's something I need your help with."

"What's the matter?" Qin Ning asked, looking very confused.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Um… So as you know, my English isn't that great but there are some foreigner friends here. Can you be my translator tonight? I'll thank you when the party's over," Tang Chuan began sucking up to her.

"Are you trying to take advantage of me? I know you've studied in the States for six years. There's no way you can't speak English when you were there for so long. I'm not as stupid as you, you know… Pick your targets more carefully when you are trying to scam people!" Qin Ning said with disdain.

"So which son of a b*tch told you I studied abroad?" Tang Chuan looked at Qin Ning with despair.