Chapter 2147: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (18)

"What do you think we should get him?" Qin Chu looked at his daughters benevolently while taking a sip of coffee.

"I think we should get him something special. Uncle Tang is crazy rich so he probably doesn't lack luxury items. Don't you think?"

"Yup." Qin Chu nodded.

"So what should we get him?" Huo Mian said.

Every year, it was a hassle for Huo Mian to get Su Yu, Tang Chuan, or Wei Liao a birthday present. 

Huo Mian didn't know them as well. If it were Xiaowei or Lingling, she could get them something according to their likings.

Also, they weren't like Qin Chu or her little brother Zhixin, who was fine with not getting a present.

"Do you want to hear my idea?" Little Bean said in a cute voice.

Huo Mian picked up a tissue and wiped off Little Bean's mouth as there was still cream there from the cake.

"Let's hear what you got…" Huo Mian patted Little Bean's head gently.

"I think that we should get him something he likes. That's the first rule to gifting!" Little Bean raised her little fist up in the air, indicating authority.

Pudding rolled her eyes and said, "Skip the bullsh*t. What do you really want to say?"

"What I really want to say is that since Uncle Tang likes girls so much, we can get him girls…" Little Bean said enthusiastically. 

Qin Chu and Huo Mian were speechless.

Pudding responded, "Where are we going to get girls?"

Little Bean said, "What about blow-up dolls? One with Zhixin's face and Bingbing's body… Uncle Tang would have a great time with it!" (editor's note: Fan Bingbing is a famous Chinese actress) 

"Ah-hem… Little Bean, let's talk. Where and when did you find out about blow-up dolls?" As Little Bean's mother, Huo Mian was deeply concerned and embarrassed by Little Bean's suggestion.

"Mommy, stop fussing about it. Everyone knows about blow-up dolls!" Little Bean answered nonchalantly as if it was completely natural. 

"Blow up dolls are too big and they're not worth much. They're too cheap for your Uncle Tang. After all, he has tons of real-life girls with him, so why would he use a blow-up doll?" Pudding stated her disapproval of Little Bean's present suggestion.

Qin Chu facepalmed. All of a sudden, he thought the discussion the twins were having was too much for their age.

He didn't even know how to respond.

"What if we just sang him a song?" Pudding suggested.

"Huh? Great idea! We save a lot of money!" Little Bean raised her hand, showing she agreed.

"Do you really think that's good? You two had bought Su Yu a belt in America but now you're singing Tang Chuan a song for his birthday present? Do you think it's the right thing to do?" Huo Mian didn't know what to do with her daughters.

"Mommy, we don't normally sing for people. Do you know how much we're worth right now? Do you know how many commercials we declined for children's products? Anyone of them would have earned us thousands of dollars so at the end of the day if we sing for Uncle Tang, it'd be worth thousands… He should be happy!" Pudding said proudly.

"Okay fine… You're right…" Huo Mian gave up on arguing.

She had discovered that Pudding's debating skills were terrifyingly good.

Pudding was sometimes capable of making both Qin Chu and her speechless.

At 6:00 PM sharp, Qin Chu drove up to the hotel with his family in a white Maybach.

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Qin Chu was in a good mood today. He and Huo Mian each held onto one of their daughters' hands and walked towards the main entrance. They didn't try to attract any additional attention.

"Good evening everyone. We are live at Mr. Tang's birthday party tonight. Here we have GK Corporation's CEO Mr. Qin Chu and his wife, Ms. Huo Mian. With them are their twin daughters who rarely appear in public…" the MC said excitedly.

The Qin Family walked in. Suddenly, Pudding looked to her side as she recognized a familiar face.

"Look! Don't you think that person looks like Auntie?" Pudding gave a slight frown and said.