Chapter 2145: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (16)

"Haha, fine… I'll go back and talk to that old gramps of yours to see if we can come back for Chinese New Year…"

"If that happens, everything would be perfect!" Little Bean said while clapping her hands.

The time had finally come for them to say goodbye. Qin Ning walked into airport security.

Qin Chu and his family watched as Qin Ning disappeared into the airport. Only when they made sure that she had walked in safely did they leave.

Qin Ning had successfully boarded. 

Suddenly, there was an announcement: 

"Hello, passengers. We are sorry to inform you that the flight US3579 you are on will not be able to depart today due to bad weather… Please leave the aircraft in an orderly manner and wait for further notification. Thank you for your cooperation."

"Huh? What's happening?" Qin Ning was rather anxious.

"I heard it's the snow and that's affecting the flight…"

"What snow?" Qin Ning was astonished.

All the passengers that had already boarded looked out the window to see heavy snow.

The weather was nice when they arrived at the airport but now, it was snowing heavily. What in the world was happening?

Although it was not rare for snow in the north, it all happened at a weird timing. 

Qin Ning didn't believe that her flight was going to be canceled and thought there was a way she could depart so she stayed at the airport for another two hours.

Not only did the sky not clear, but the snow was also getting heavier.

Finally, the flight was officially canceled so all passengers were instructed to leave the airport.

Qin Ning was about to call Qin Chu to tell him that her flight was canceled. Before she could do so, she saw Tang Chuan drive towards her in a black Benz. 

"Get on. I'll send you home."

"Why are you here?" Qin Ning furrowed.

"I saw on the news that due to the heavy snow, all flights were canceled. I thought you might still be stuck in the airport and so I came."

Qin Ning felt a bit touched when Tang Chuan said this.

"Thank you." Along with her bodyguards, Qin Ning got on Tang Chuan's car.

South Hill Manor was currently empty. Yang Meirong had gone to play Mahjong with her friends.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Zhixin was at work; Huo Mian and Qin Chu took the twins out shopping for new clothes to wear to Tang Chuan's birthday party tonight.

When Qin Ning came home, it was pretty quiet.

Tang Chuan helped her carry her stuff inside. Then, he asked Qin Ning, "So are you going to come to my birthday party tonight?"


"You can say no. That's fine with me. I don't like forcing people into things." Tang Chuan was trying to act innocent, which was his method of guilt-tripping Qin Ning into his ways.

"I guess I'll go tonight since I couldn't fly out…"

"Perfect! Let's go then. I'll take you to get a nice dress and shoes…" Tang Chuan was delighted inside.

"It's okay. I can get them myself. I'm not used to having a guy go shopping with me. I think it's a bit weird. Also, aren't you busy today? I'll just see you tonight," Qin Ning tried to talk her way out of it.

Tang Chuan nodded and said, "Okay, that sounds good. Then I'll see you tonight. Remember though, I'll ask you for a birthday present…" Tang Chuan grinned. Then, he turned and walked away.

When Tang Chuan drove back, he put on his Bluetooth earphones and said proudly, "Hey Bro, great job on the artificial snow today!" 

"F*ck you! I really gave you all this time… The Meteorological Administration called my dad about the snow and now he's super mad at me… He's trying to dig me out so I have to run away and hide for a bit…" the rich friend of Tang Chuan on the other side of the phone sounded like he was in a tough situation.