Chapter 2143: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (14)

"Because what I heard is that a lot of people wanted to introduce you to Qin Ning. We are bros, so I don't want to take away my bro's love. I have to make it clear, understand?"

Su Yu looked down on him and said, "A lot of people? Who are the 'a lot of people'? It's only the twins' scheme. You even believed what two little kids said? That only means that you're not that smart, okay?"

"So that means you don't have any feelings for Qin Ning?" Tang Chuan wanted to double-check.

"Cut out the nonsense. I really have no feelings for her. Not only because Qin Ning is so young, but also because she is Qin Chu's little cousin. Do you think I'm suitable for her? So you want me to call Huo Mian sister-in-law in the future? Why don't you just kill me." Su Yu took another sip of the coke.

"Haha, perfect. Since you said you're not interested in her, then I'm going to go ahead. I would love to call Huo Mian my sister-in-law. Haha."

"Look at you, such a pushover. In the future, don't tell others that we are friends." Su Yu facepalmed himself.

At this time, Tang Chuan's smile started to vanish. He turned around and said, "Su Yu, I saw Jin Ying today."

Su Yu was shocked after hearing what Tang Chuan just said.

"How did you run into her?"

"Who the hell knows. Maybe she came back to visit family. After all, she still has a lot of friends and relatives here."

"What about your uncle? Was he with her?"


"Where did you see her?"

"On Chang'an Street. After I had dinner with Qin Ning, I just happened to run into her."

"So she talked to you?" Su Yu asked Tang Chuan carefully while looking into his eyes.

"Yes, she talked to me. As if she were really my elder. She said something like 'oh your uncle is not in good health, you should go visit him' and 'don't blame me'. You know me, I don't want to even talk about her. Not to mention how I would feel seeing her. If it wasn't because Qin Ning was there, I might have lost control of myself," said Tang Chuan slowly.

"She's already a person from your past, and she's also a bitch. Why would you still let her bother you so much." Su Yu was trying to comfort him. 

As Tang Chuan's bros, both Wei Liao and Su Yu knew how much this hurt Tang Chuan.

In the past, when Tang Chuan was still with Jin Ying, he was a pure and naive little boy. Even if his favorite girl wanted the moon in the sky, he would try his best to get it. He was spoiling her so carefully and to no end, introducing her to all his family and friends all the time.

Even though the whole Tang Family was against it, it still didn't change his heart to be together with her.

He was even dreaming that one day, he would book a whole island in the Maldives to hold a grand wedding with her.

However, what he did not expect was that the girl would become his aunt.

After that, there was no more future with her.

So for this woman Jin Ying, both Su Yu and Wei Liao agreed that the only word that could be used to describe her was a bitch.

A cold and heartless bitch.

"Su Yu, I understand everything you said. I know that the past is in the past and I should let it go. But seeing her still makes my heart ache a bit. I don't even know if this woman's heart is made of stone. Does she really think that she did nothing wrong? And she even dares to pretend to be my elder as if she were always my aunt? Fuck… she slept with me and then she went to sleep with my uncle. Only she would do such gross things."

"But you should feel lucky that she slept with your uncle, not your dad. Otherwise, it would be even worse," said Su Yu quietly.

"What the… are you really trying to comfort me?" Tang Chuan didn't know if he should cry or cry.

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"My dad definitely will not like a girl like her. That guy's a smart man. Only guys like my uncle that think more with his head downstairs would be fooled by a woman like her," said Tang Chuan judgmentally.

"Fine, let's not talk about her. Tomorrow is your birthday. Have you planned how to party?" Su Yu changed the topic and didn't want to talk about that annoying woman with Tang Chuan any further.