Chapter 2141: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (12)

After hearing what Tang Chuan said at the end, the woman didn't say a word and just awkwardly nodded, turned around, and left. 

After she left, the whole atmosphere changed. Tang Chuan didn't say a single word and drank three glasses of beer back to back.

Qin Ning felt that there was something behind this. But because she was not that close to Tang Chuan, she couldn't ask too much and just drank quietly with him.

After a while, Tang Chuan looked down at his watch for the time and said with a smile, "Ha, it's almost time. I have to get you back. Otherwise, Pudding will kill me."

"You're a big man, why would you be afraid of a little kid?" Qin Ning laughed at him.

"Stop joking. Pudding is definitely not just a little kid. I really feel like she came back from another life or was even reincarnated. Her IQ is definitely not like someone who's three years old. Even adults can't compete with her. You will easily be topped by her."

"Hahahaha, are you reading too many novels? Reincarnated? Only you can come up with such crazy things." Qin Ning kept laughing hard.

Because both of them had been drinking, Tang Chuan decided to call a car to pick them up.

Tang Chuan's chauffeur came with his black Bentley. Tang Chuan and Qin Ning were sitting in the back while they headed towards South Hill Manor.

Ever since the conversation with the woman, Tang Chuan had been feeling down.

In the back seat, Qin Ning turned around and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just this little bit of alcohol is no big deal."

"I'm not talking about alcohol, I'm talking about your mood," Qin Ning corrected.

"Mood? I'm feeling fine. It's my pleasure to be able to invite a beauty out for food before she goes back," laughed Tang Chuan.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Stop it. No one believes you." Qin Ning smiled.

On the way home, they didn't talk much. But after they got to South Hill Manor, the car parked at the front.

Tang Chuan walked Qin Ning to the door like a gentleman. 

They talked while walking.

"Eh, I'm sorry. I had booked the plane ticket ahead of time. Otherwise, I would have loved to stay longer for your birthday party." Qin Ning felt sorry. After spending this night with him, she found that Tang Chuan wasn't as annoying as she thought. He wasn't someone who kept pursuing non-stop. She even thought that he had a likable personality.

"So? Are you going to make it up to me? Are you going to give me my birthday present ahead of time?" Tang Chuan was teasing her.

"Let me give you a red envelope on WeChat." Afterward, she took out her phone and directly transferred 8888 yuan to Tang Chuan.

"It's not that much money, but it's a lucky number. I'm wishing you a happy birthday ahead of time," said Qin Ning with a smile.

However, Tang Chuan hit refuse on the transaction.

"Ugh, you think it's too little?" Qin Ning pretended to argue with him.

"Yes, yes, I think it's too little. Why don't you just give me the rest of the balance on your bank account."

"You wish!" Qin Ning rolled her eyes at him.

"The red envelope, I have to turn it down. But tomorrow, if there's any reason that you can't leave, please be sure to come to my birthday party."

"Hmm, why does something sound a bit off..." Qin Ning was a bit confused.

"Haha, nothing. Go home and sleep early. It's cold outside so get back in quickly," said Tang Chuan with a smile while waving at her.

Qin Ning turned around and said goodbye to him, "Okay, then you be careful getting home. And also sleep early."

When Qin Ning came home, she was actually worried that someone might be in the living room, which would make her embarrassed.

What if her cousin and sister-in-law asked what was going on between her and Tang Chuan, she wouldn't even know how to explain.

Luckily, when she came home, everyone seemed to be asleep already. Just as she was trying to sneak back to her own room on her tiptoes, she heard a voice from behind her, "Auntie, you're back."