Chapter 2140: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (11)

"Eh… As if I'm capable of pulling that off." Tang Chuan laughed.

They two were having a nice time chatting and laughing. Each of them finished a bottle of beer yet didn't feel drunk.

"Excuse me, can you bring us two more bottles?"

Just like this, the two of them kept on going, two bottles at a time. When they both had seven bottles each, Tang Chuan finally felt a little drunk.

Meanwhile, Qin Ning still remained calm and continued eating her tofu rolls.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hey, girl, are you sure you can only drink one bottle? Doesn't look like it…" Tang Chuan couldn't resist asking.

"I've never said that I can only drink one bottle."

"Then what did you mean by this?" Tang Chuan held out his index finger and tried to imitate what Qin Ning did just now.

"I meant I can keep on drinking." (TL Note: in Chinese, one is also the first character of keep on)

Tang Chuan almost fell down from his chair after hearing it.


As they were joking around, a tall and skinny woman walked over.

"Ah-Chuan, what a coincidence. You're eating with your friend?" Her voice was extremely sweet, as well as her smile.

The moment Tang Chuan looked up, his whole face changed.

"Why are you here?" he seemed to have a strong reaction, which made Qin Ning start to look up and down out of curiosity at the woman standing in front of her.

"Yes, just walking around with my friend. I totally didn't expect to see you on Chang'an Street. Hey, is this your friend?" asked the woman with a bright smile and elegant gesture.

"Yes, this is my girlfriend." Tang Chuan intentionally stressed the word "girlfriend".

The woman didn't seem to be surprised, either. She said with a smile, "You changed girlfriends again? So you're still a playboy like before. When can you grow up and not make your parents worried?"

"Then this is not your business, Third Aunt," Tang Chuan said this in an awkwardly strange way.

Hearing Tang Chuan address this woman as "aunt", Qin Ning almost choked on her skewer.

She was obviously young-looking and looked like she was not even thirty yet. 

But Tang Chuan just called her aunt. This was hard to believe.

"Ning-Ning, let me introduce her. This is my aunt. Yes, my actual aunt by law, who is my third-eldest uncle's mistress from an affair. Wait, let me think about how to put it. Now she's his legitimate wife. After all, she was the third wheel that took the place of my original aunt. My uncle is almost fifty. This is what happened," Tang Chuan didn't hold back when talking about this woman.

He really didn't hold back on making this woman look bad in front of Qin Ning.

After Qin Ning heard it, she looked so shocked that she blanked out, while the woman who Tang Chuan called "third aunt" put on an awkward face.

"Chuan, are you still blaming me?" She looked at Tang Chuan lovingly.

"Auntie, you must be joking. How would I dare to blame you? You are my elder. Besides, it's not like we're exclusive, you're not anyone to me. How can you be so serious? As the saying goes, everyone is looking after their own interests. Auntie, you are always so determined and take action immediately, which I, Tang Chuan admire a lot. It is said that only one who is heartless can achieve great things. I really admire it," Tang Chuan vented in a sarcastic way with his fist in his hand.

The women's face didn't look comfortable, either.

"Ying, shall we get going?" rushed the friend behind her.

"Okay, then we shouldn't keep you from your dinner. When you have time, go back and visit your uncle. He hasn't been in good shape recently. Also, you were his favorite when you were young, so please don't hate him for something that happened in the past," said the woman worriedly.

"Of course. My uncle will always be my uncle, but outsiders will always be outsiders. After all, your last name is not Tang," Tang Chuan said everything so confidently, and the woman couldn't help but feel a bit humiliated.