Chapter 214: Asking You Out

Chapter 214: Asking You Out
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For some unknown reason, the route Huo Mian usually took back home was extra jammed today. Finally, she lost patience and drove through a side street and around the highway. As she drove, she actually passed by the headquarters of GK Corporation.

The skyscraper lit up into an aqua blue color when the night fell. Designed like the National Aquatics Center, the building was especially entrancing.

It was said that the building became the most iconic construction of C City, and the most ridiculous thing about it was that when tourists traveled to the city, they would treat the building as a famous landmark and take pictures with it.

Huo Mian once jokingly told Qin Chu that GK could just dive straight into the field of tourism, and he actually replied that he didn't have time right now and would think about it later.

Upon passing by Qin Chu's office, the roads became surprisingly congested again. Maybe it was because of the evening commute, but there were just too many cars on the road.

Bored, Huo Mian scrolled through her phone and suddenly got an idea.

She sent a WeChat message to Qin Chu, "President Qin, I'm at your company. May I have the honor of having dinner with you?"

When Qin Chu saw the WeChat message, he was in the conference room, discussing the company's plan for next quarter's jewelry release conference.

Jiang Linyue was vividly presenting the details of the site, price, and styles of a few best-selling jewelers, and the market sales trends after launch.

Right as Qin Chu's phone rang, everyone looked in his direction...

The only contact in Qin Chu's WeChat was Huo Mian. He didn't even have Gao Ran added, since he would call if he ever needed something from him.

After reading the WeChat message, Qin Chu quickly got up and interrupted Jiang Linyue's presentation. "I have somewhere to be for a moment, you guys continue."

"President Qin, how are we supposed to continue if you're gone?" Jiang Linyue felt like weeping, but she had no tears. She had been preparing for the meeting for two weeks now, losing sleep and appetite because she wanted to perform in front of the president and receive his compliments. Even a single compliment would have sufficed.

Qin Chu glanced at his assistant, "Record the meeting and send it to my email. I'll watch it when I'm free. That's all."

After speaking, Qin Chu turned around and exited the conference room, leaving a dozen executives still seated.

Most of them were used to the new president's style of doing things by now...

It was true that the new president would always leave halfway through, or come early and leave early; he was unpredictable as hell.

However, the profits of GK were increasing exponentially. Statistics showed that the profit last month had already passed that of the same period last year. The chairman had personally visited and inspected the company, and he was clearly pleased.

Huo Mian was prepared to leave after seeing no reply from Qin Chu. She didn't think too much and thought Qin Chu was just busy.

At that moment, someone knocked on her car window...

She turned her head around with shock. "Uh… Why are you here?"

"Didn't you ask me out for dinner?" Qin Chu's face was serious.

Huo Mian was only joking, but to Qin Chu, this was the first time Huo Mian asked him out to dinner after seven years. How could he refuse?

"But are you done with work?" Huo Mian saw that the lights in the building were still on. She could tell that the departments were still working overtime.

Qin Chu did not reply; he walked to the passenger seat, opened the door and got in. Looking at Huo Mian, he asked, "What are we eating?"

"How about Ah-Xin's Ramen?" without thinking, Huo Mian said. That was actually what she wanted to eat.

"Drive," Qin Chu pointed at the steering wheel and commanded.

Then, Huo Mian's light-hearted prank became reality. Not only did she have to dine with President Qin, she also had to be his chauffeur...

Inside the noodle house, the two ordered ramen and some appetizers, which were quite delicious. Watching the students of Second High School come and leave made Huo Mian lament the greatness of youth.

Maybe she had too much fun eating, but she didn't even notice the soup stain by her lips.

Qin Chu put down his chopsticks and gently wiped her face with a tissue...

Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu and felt like they had time traveled back to seven years ago...

"Don't look at me like that. I might get the illusion that you're still in love with me," Qin Chu abruptly said.