Chapter 2139: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (10)

"Try it first and let me know how it tastes, then I'll decide if I want to eat it or not."

"So… you've never actually tried this stupid thing?" Tang Chuan felt that he was going to have a breakdown.

"Right." Qin Ning nodded.

"Eh… Can I not eat it?" Tang Chuan indeed had never had it before. But judging from just the smell, he already felt that it was as disguising as a turd.

"That's fine. Then let's just go back to our homes now." Afterward, Qin Ning pretended to turn around and leave.

"Hey hey hey… Please don't. Let's discuss this." Tang Chuan blocked Qin Ning anxiously.

"So? Are you going to eat it?"

Tang Chuan looked down and remained silent for five seconds. Then his face looked as if he was ready to die.


"Okay, then hurry up and eat it while it's still hot."

Tang Chuan opened his mouth wide with his teary eyes closed and ate a piece of stinky tofu in one bite.

It was actually more swallowing than eating.

While Tang Chuan was eating, Qin Ning was beside him rushing him. "Hurry up, eat faster and have more!"

"Another piece!"

With Qin Ning's urging, Tang Chuan ate three pieces of stinky tofu, one after the other.

Then, Tang Chuan looked at Qin Ning with tears in his eyes. "Boss, is that enough? I've eaten three pieces already…"

"Yeah, was it good?" Qin Ning looked excited.

"Yes, it's yummy. Here, you try one."

Tang Chuan immediately gave the stinky tofu to Qin Ning as if it was a hot potato.

Unexpectedly, Qin Ning said, "Since you like it, then you can have it all. I'm okay. I'll go have something else."

Then, Qin Ning turned around, leaving Tang Chuan standing there in the cold wind by himself with a box of stinky tofu in his hands.

At this time, Mr. Tang still had the will to post something on his timeline.

He took out his phone and took a picture of the stinky tofu to post.

He wrote in his post, "What the… Who can tell me, who the heck invented this stupid thing? Come out and I promise I won't beat you up." 

"Haha. Young Master Tang, did you have it? Was it good?"

"Young Master Tang, you are also on Chang'an Street? I'm also nearby. Hope that I can run into you."

"Young Master Tang, are you together with girls? Why didn't ask us out if you were going to hang out on Chang'an Street? Heng…."

Young Master Su's comment was the best.

He said, "Little Tang Chuan, you are not allowed to come to my house for a week. Stay away from me. It's stinky as heck."

Young Master Su really didn't like it.

Looking at this funny and silly comments, Tang Chuan didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

At the same time, Qin Ning was actually planning to play some pranks on Tang Chuan, but then she realized that she might be a bit overboard.

It was because Tang Chuan had been feeling nauseous the whole time after that. It seemed like he really couldn't handle the taste and smell.

In the end, in order to comfort him, Qin Ning found a barbeque skewer place.

She sat down with Tang Chuan and ordered some skewers and some beer.

"The prank just now went too far, and I want to apologize for it, so I'm treating you to skewers and beer."

"Beer? Sounds fine with me. How much can you drink?" asked Tang Chuan with a smile.

"Average," answered Qin Ning.

"What do you mean by average?" Tang Chuan was curious.

Qin Ning held out her index finger.

"Just one? Okay, then let's drink slowly."

Eating skewers while drinking beer was the hobby of the northerners. You could have it in any season, among any age group.

While Tang Chuan was sitting facing Qin Ning and eating his skewers, he had already forgotten about all the suffering from before.

"Hey, are you actually leaving tomorrow?"

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"Eh, what if, I mean what if your flight is delayed. Oh no, what if the plane can't fly up, are you still leaving?" asked Tang Chuan.

"If it's because of weather, then there's nothing I can do but wait," answered Qin Ning in a low voice.

"But… Wait... are you planning on blowing up the airplane?" Qin Ning asked Tang Chuan, somewhat jokingly but somewhat actually worried.