Chapter 2134: Young Master Tang’s Birthday Party (5)

Huo Mian was familiar with Tang Chuan and always saw him being surrounded by beautiful girls… Normal women couldn't even handle it, a fierce girl like Qin Ning was out of the question.

"I investigated Tang Chuan already… Guess what I found?" Qin Chu smiled and asked.


"He's actually a very faithful person. It was just that a woman hurt him, so he turned out like this. What we see is just the surface. Deep down, he should still be a guy that is very loyal to his love."

"That happened? I never heard Su Yu mention it." Huo Mian was taken aback.

"Su Yu wouldn't tell you something so private. After all, men don't like gossip as much as women do…"

"Right, Honey, tell me about Tang Chuan. You've piqued my interest." Huo Mian burrowed further into Qin Chu's embrace; she seemed interested in Qin Chu's investigation.

"A few years ago, Tang Chuan still had a good reputation in the social circle… He met a girl, a model. She wasn't particularly stunning, but she had an aura about her. Tang Chuan really spoiled her, he bought her everything… He brought her to many events and went against his family to be with her…"

"And then?"

"The woman became his third aunt…" Qin Chu was blunt.

Huo Mian almost choked on her own spit...

"Ahem… What? Third aunt?" Huo Mian was completely shocked.

"She was an exceptional gold digger, she looked like she didn't care about fame or power, but deep down, she tried harder than everyone else. She found out that Tang Chuan wasn't a main member of the Tang family and he didn't have too much power or money… So, she took the opportunity to get with Tang Chuan's third uncle…"

"Third uncle? What's the age gap then?" Huo Mian was shocked.

"He was twenty years older than Tang Chuan. What do you think?"

"And?" Huo Mian inquired.

"The woman succeeded in getting with Tang Chuan's third uncle. She made him divorce his wife and abandon his daughter. The original third aunt left with their daughter to immigrate to Canada. The woman married into the Tang Family with a high-profile and then gave the third uncle a son…"

"Damn, that's scary… It's like a soap opera."

"There are lots of these stories in rich families…" Qin Chu caressed Huo Mian's hair.

"Tang Chuan must've been heartbroken!" Huo Mian suddenly felt really bad for the Tang Chuan that appeared boisterous and carefree.

"Mhm, the night of his third uncle's wedding, he attempted suicide… Luckily, he was saved in time. His third uncle was kicked out by the Tang Family, so he left the city and the woman left too…"

"So later, Tang Chuan turned out like this? Surrounded by women and money?" Huo Mian speculated.

Qin Chu nodded...

"Such a tragic story…" Huo Mian lowered her head as her heart filled with empathy.

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"It looks like Tang Chuan isn't a playboy by nature, he's the complete opposite. It was just that someone once hurt him. If he really likes Ning-Ning, that's a good thing for her… However, feelings can't be forced… We'll just let things run its course and see what happens. Let's not stress ourselves out over it…" Qin Chu comforted Huo Mian.

"Sweetie, I admire you so much~" Huo Mian curled up in Qin Chu's embrace and smiled.

"Why is that?" Qin Chu smirked.

"You know everything, you can see through everything… You can always look at other's stories objectively… You're just too smart..."

Qin Chu was silent. 

"Dr. Huo, you really want to spoil your husband like this? I'll get prideful." Qin Chu dotingly looked at Huo Mian.

"Be prideful, we can afford it…" Huo Mian teased.

"So I can do whatever I want now?" After speaking, Qin Chu's hands agilely slid under her clothes.